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Women in Facilities Management: Olga Stroynyy

Helping clients get the most out of their ServiceChannel experience is all part of a day’s work for Olga Stroynyy. She says her confidence in the platform is one of the things that makes working with facilities managers so enjoyable. Learn about her journey in the industry and why she believes thinking creatively is fundamental to problem-solving.

Jennifer Sams, Senior Content Marketing Manager
Jennifer Sams

Senior Content Marketing Manager

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April 19, 2024

What is customer success at ServiceChannel? And how do you and your team help customers get the most out of the platform? 

How long have you been in your role? How did you get into facilities management?

I’ve been in customer success for about 14 years. I got into facilities management by accident! After I graduated, I moved to a new state and was looking for a job to start my career. I was offered an opportunity in a call center in a facilities company. I worked hard and quickly moved into a dedicated representative position for a few customers. So my journey really began with day-to-day interactions with clients, including on-site visits and business reviews. Before I even realized it, I had more than 10 years in this industry. Later, while I was working at another company, I kept hearing great things about ServiceChannel from existing customers and providers. I made my move to ServiceChannel about three years ago and have never regretted making the change.

What are some of the things you enjoy most about working in this industry?

How is facilities management changing? Any big surprises? 

If I look back 10 years and compare it to today, there have been a lot of changes in the industry due to the growing role of technology. If you just follow the rules and do business as usual, then there’s a big chance you’re not going to build innovation in the workplace. In fact, you actually risk falling behind on many important tools.

There were definitely some surprises that came to light during the height of the pandemic. It became really clear that ServiceChannel can serve clients in all situations and all environments, even remotely, more than we did before.

What are some of the major challenges for facilities managers? And how is customer success helping them overcome these issues? 

Any recent success stories or new projects you can tell us about today?

Yes. It’s actually really interesting how a routine  call can oftentimes turn into a quick win for a customer. Most of the time clients come to us with a specific problem and the key to finding the solution is to think creatively and uncover the root cause of the issue. When you understand the root cause you’re able to provide the best recommendation and solution.

Recently, I was able to help a customer with the upkeep of critical equipment by enabling the provider with an auto-reassign process. Another example is leveraging some of our products and processes to improve SLAs and cutting costs by improving operational efficiency.

Have you had a mentor throughout your career?

Tell us about women who inspire you. 

I’ve been fortunate to work alongside some great women in this industry — and I do to this day! These women inspire and motivate me to achieve the real mission of a customer success manager. I still remember my first boss who was very inspiring. She was fearless in her director role, and because of how she handled business, I never felt that women didn’t belong.

What kind of advice would you give to women who want to get into this industry?

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