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ServiceChannel Weather Now Available at No Cost for All Customers

Jillian Evans

Earlier this week, we started the emergency push to enable ServiceChannel Weather across our customers. The module enables them to see which of their locations are in the forecasted path of extreme weather events and take immediate action to protect their assets and locations. We have made the Weather module available to all our customers at no cost. This is part of our ongoing commitment to help customers meet the unique challenges of 2020, that we first launched with new no-cost features to streamline communications and track work related to COVID-19.

To date, our customers have used the module to log over 8,500 weather-related work orders totalling $24M.  ServiceChannel Weather integrates with our Work Order Manager and allows customers to:

  • Get up-to-date forecasts for national and global weather events overlaid on locations
  • View details on weather events such as hurricanes, ice, snow, temperatures, and wind speeds
  • See how these events have moved recently and how they are predicted to move across geographical regions along an animated timeline
  • Create bulk service requests for impacted locations and take protective measures

If you are a ServiceChannel customer and have any questions about how to make full use of ServiceChannel Weather, please contact your ServiceChannel representative. We wish everyone in the path of Hurricane Laura safety and a speedy recovery from its impacts.

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