PRSM publishes Sid Shetty on inGEAR Business Analytics

Sid Shetty, President, inGEAR Business Analytics, a division of ServiceChannel, has a feature article in the May/June 2012 issue of the Professional Retail Store Management (PRSM) industry magazine. Sid will also be a frequent blogger. Here’s an excerpt:

When PRSM launched its benchmarking initiative over a year ago it was evident that the facilities industry was moving away from being reactive, only concerned with fixing an issue at the store, to being proactive. The industry as a whole understands that it’s not enough for your last service call to have met all expectations. Managers are now very much interested in and expected to keep the big picture in mind.

Today’s Facility Manager is a business manager focusing on solutions that will keep operations running smoothly at the location level while reducing dollars spent at the company-wide level. Such a task needs analytics powered by a continuous supply of rich and valuable information that is available on demand. So here’s the million dollar question – how does one increase service levels, decrease costs and then go a step further and report on how well the department is doing? Well that’s where today’s CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) powered by business intelligence comes into play.

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