wagamama Avoids Surprise Calls by Using ServiceChannel – NewsChannel, October 2016

wagamama Avoids Surprise Calls by Using ServiceChannel – NewsChannel, October 2016

Customer Spotlight

wagamama Avoids Suprise Calls by Using ServiceChannel

What’s not to love about a company whose motto is “From bowl to soul”? wagamama is growing rapidly across the United States, offering positive eating for positive living with dishes inspired by the food of Asia. Justin Haapala is a senior accountant for wagamama, but his role extends beyond income statements and ledgers.  As Justin puts it, “Success in my job goes far beyond numbers — it is the ability to help find solutions to any aspect of the business, whether that’s talking with lawyers, maintaining our facilities management program, or negotiating contracts.” 

Watch Justin explain what transparency means to his everyday business operations.

Multitasking becomes that much harder when quick turnaround times are needed. Justin’s key to success: “It takes a team to come together.” This same approach also applies to working with contractors. “The best way to work with contractors is to work together to come to a solution. Communication is the key to a successful relationship.” Justin is wagamama’s admin for the ServiceChannel technology. He prefers the desktop version, but also has the app downloaded on his phone.  Justin encourages wagamama’s managers to have the app on their phone so they can take a picture of the issue area and upload it to a service request. One of the features that Justin likes best about ServiceChannel technology is the ability to reject and approve proposals before work is done.  “Previously, we would just call for service and would be surprised by the costs. Today, we have roughly cut our repair and maintenance costs in half!” To an accountant, that’s sweet music!

Training for wagamama is done on-site. The company is in the early stages of using LearningChannel online training and is looking at completing the new custom analytics training as well.  

We weren’t surprised that, like many of his peers, Justin enjoys golf. But his love of music had us smiling. Justin really likes attending rock concerts. “I also play alto sax in a charitable band in Northeast CT, the Great Garage Band Reunion.” That’s sweet music of a different kind!

Employee Spotlight

Erika Young Marks 15 Years in Facilities Maintenance

Erika Young is a veteran of the facilities management industry. Though she’s only been with ServiceChannel since last spring, she’s already accumulated a 15-year career in facilities maintenance. Her prior employer was in the same space as ServiceChannel, but when the ServiceChannel opportunity presented itself, Erika jumped in. “I was really drawn to ServiceChannel’s neutral, transparent approach to the industry,” says Erika. Her prior experience has been a huge asset to ServiceChannel. Erika notes, “Having worked in facilities maintenance for so many years, I’m able to appreciate many different perspectives. Motivations vary depending upon a person’s role, company culture and financial models. I keep this in mind when developing product features, and I think this mindset helps lead to the creation of products that bring clarity to a wide variety of users.”

As a Product Manager, Erika serves as a liaison between the customers who use ServiceChannel’s products and the developers who build the products. From concept and design to testing, launch, and support, Erika helps manage the evolution of ServiceChannel’s product offerings. 

Erika’s greatest satisfaction comes from “knowing I’ve saved customers time for the genuinely important things in life! If I can help bring intuitive products to market, making people’s work lives more efficient, then everyone might have more time to spend with family and friends soaking up the truly special moments in life.”

And talking about the truly special moments in life, when Erika isn’t helping to devise new ServiceChannel products, she’s doing “whatever my toddler tells me to!” And when not being bossed around by someone at knee-height, she likes to get outdoors. “Living in Connecticut places me within driving distance of some great mountains and beaches. I live near Castle Craig, the highest point within 25 miles of the coast from Maine to Florida, so I’ll often head up there to relax and enjoy the view.”

Erika’s favorite singer/songwriter/musician is Josh Ritter. She’s particularly fond of The Animal Years album. So is it any surprise that Erika would have an indoor pet bunny named Rigby? “He’s basically like a cat, but much quieter!” 

Featured Products

New Work Order Feedback Email 

ServiceChannel is changing the look and behavior of the feedback email in order to make it much easier, especially for the dashboard users, to leave feedback for a work order.

What You’ll Be Able to Do:

  • See all the Work Order details in a beautifully structured view
  • Click on a button in the email to leave Excellent, Satisfactory, or Unsatisfactory feedback
  • Go directly to Work Order details via hyperlink
  • Be sure your feedback is received by getting a confirmation page
  • Enjoy the new optimization for tablets and smartphones  

New Feedback Email is already available. Please contact your Account Executive if you are interested and want to try this new feature. 

ServiceChannel Site Audit Manager Video

See how ServiceChannel’s Site Audit Manager can efficiently and transparently help Facilities Manager’s can capture standardized facilities condition data while onsite, make more informed budgeting decisions and monitor location condition trends, all fully integrated with work order creation. Watch the ServiceChannel Site Audit Manager video.

Tip of the Month

Turn Big Data into Smart Data 

Did you know ServiceChannel can load your Budget into our Analytics platform? We can slice and dice by location, trade or category and even match it to your financial periods. Ask Client Support for ServiceChannel’s Budget Template and turn Big Data into Smart Data.




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