Transparency Drives Visibility for O2 Fitness, NewsChannel, August

Transparency Drives Visibility for O2 Fitness, NewsChannel, August

Customer Spotlight

ServiceChannel Energizes Internal Facilities Team at O2 Fitness

O2 Fitness, headquartered in Raleigh, NC, prides itself for being able to provide its members with highly tailored programs and services based on their specific fitness goals. The company’s facilities maintenance team, however, was challenged to maintain high levels of service excellence using its legacy CMMS, which included minimal levels of work order tracking, lack of transparent reporting and inconsistent user experiences. 

“There was no transparency nor accountability of any of our FM technicians using our old software, which was not robust enough to meet our needs,” explained Jason Hughes, Director of Facility Operations at O2 Fitness. “We didn’t know where our money was were being spent or even what our problem areas were. Our users could only see the notes that others inputted but could not see how long a work order had been open or when it had been closed. We knew it wasn’t the right system for us.” 

O2 Fitness began a search for other technology options that could empower the FM team with more advanced work order management using enterprise-class workflows as well as on-demand, automated reporting of key performance metrics such as spending, equipment uptime/downtime and case resolution time. After evaluating a different software system, O2 Fitness chose ServiceChannel because the platform was an ideal solution for distributed enterprises such as fitness centers.

Using ServiceChannel’s FM software, the O2 Fitness team now can more effectively initiate and track work order requests, monitor real-time status updates and leave feedback for work performed, improving both operational efficiency and technician accountability. The ServiceChannel platform also offers an integrated troubleshooting tool that O2 Fitness estimates has already eliminated up to 10 percent of work orders without having to dispatch a technician, saving both time and money. 

After a successful deployment at one of its gyms earlier this year, O2 Fitness is now in the process of deploying the ServiceChannel platform throughout all of its locations. In addition, O2 Fitness is planning to phase in more ServiceChannel features and options such as ServiceChannel Asset Manager to better track and manage fitness and facilities equipment (lik the HVAC system), which will empower the FM team with important data to make better repair-or-replace decisions. O2 Fitness is also planning to phase out its daily pen-and-paper site audit process with ServiceChannel Site Audit Manager, which enables automated and fully guided audits that are integrated with the ServiceChannel platform. 

The company also plans to arm its FM technicians and fitness center general managers (the only non-FM employees who are authorized to initiate work order requests) with enterprise mobility using the ServiceChannel Mobile App to initiate, track, and manage maintenance and repair work orders anywhere and from any Apple iOS or Android device, which the users love, according to Hughes. 

“There is one GM here who is really hard to impress,” Hughes said. “When he said he loved using ServiceChannel, I knew it was a good thing.”

Employee Spotlight

Diane Micoretti Uses All the Tools in Her Toolkit

Diane Micoretti is a special employee. She’s been an Account Executive with ServiceChannel for more than 11 years, working with clients and contractors. Prior to transitioning to ServiceChannel Diane worked with ServiceChannel’s founders, Steven Gottfried and Serge Lubensky, going back to 1992. If there was a lifetime SC Award, Diane would be at the top of list! Diane works with clients’ facilities teams, supporting their needs and developing strategies that have a positive impact on their operations. Diane says, “The success of a satisfied client makes my position as a partner rewarding and fulfilling!”

Diane’s past experiences — and successes — were with two companies that specialized in customized business operation software, specifically written for service contractors. “ServiceChannel provided the challenge to use that experience and knowledge to help facilities managers optimize the use of our cutting-edge facility software,” Diane says.

You could say that Diane uses all the tools in her toolkit. She states, “My experience with business operation software includes accounts payable, general ledger, accounts receivable, inventory and materials management, job costing, and subcontractor compliance. I have created and managed software documentation and trained departments who work with contractors as well as clients.” And then she adds, “My elementary education degree has enabled me to instruct our clients in the use of our software and best business practices.”

It’s clear that Diane is passionate about her work. “Every day brings a different set of questions and challenges that keep me energized.  I also enjoy the many professional and personal relationships that I have built over the years.” So what does someone, who clearly enjoys being at the office, do when she isn’t working? Diane spends time with friends and family, which includes her husband and son, traveling, attending concerts and Broadway shows, and relaxing on the beach. Oh,  and one more thing: “I am a Disney fan, and my family has visited Disney World every 18 months since 1993!

Featured Products

Enhanced ALP Search 

The search options are being expanded on the Actionable Landing Page (ALP). In addition to searching by existing options (Tracking #, Work Order #, Purchase Order #, Closing Authorization #, Service ID and Location ID), Subscribers will be able to enjoy the increased efficiency of also searching directly by:

1. Tag ID – Enter a single Tag ID to see a list of work orders associated with that exact Tag ID.

2. Proposal # – Enter a single (full or partial) Proposal # to see a list of all matching proposals.

3. Invoice # – Enter a single (full or partial) Invoice # to see a list of all matching invoices.

In-App Messaging

You will soon have another way to stay up to date with communication from ServiceChannel. Product announcements will be available directly on the Actionable Landing Page and the Contractor Console under a new “Messages” icon.  High-priority information will also be displayed in a pop-up message immediately upon login.



Tip of the Month

Linking Dashboard Training Video & Documentation 

Did you know you can link the dashboard training video and/or dashboard training documentation right to your locations dashboard?  This can assist with training of new team members due to turnover.  Ask your ServiceChannel AE how to implement this!

For You, About You

How Facilities Departments Win Using Analytics & Business Intelligence

Any facilities manager today who wants to stay current and relevant within his or her organization needs to be comfortable with data. But it’s not simply generating and capturing data; it’s about being smart when using data and coming up with actionable insights from it.

Today’s it’s not just “big data,” it’s essential you have “smart data.”

In this brief overview, we’ve assembled a few of our most popular posts and articles focused on the latest trends and technologies on analytics and business intelligence. Download a copy!



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August 4 – A Day in the Life of a Facility Manager: Work Order Creation and Mgmt

August 9 – The Power of Analytics

August 9 – RFPs, Proposals, and QuickView

August 10 – Fixxbook for Contractors: Best Practices in Profile & Account Mgmt

August 11 – Service Automation Reports and QuickView

August 11 – Invoicing and Invoice Reports

August 18 – PMs Module: An Overview