LGBTQ Pride: 5 Companies and Organizations That Are Walking the Talk

During a time where performative activism and rainbow logos dominate corporate culture, it is more important than ever to recognize companies and organizations that walk the talk when providing allyship to the LGBTQ+ community. ServiceChannel is proud to spotlight five organizations that inspire us to build inclusive and safe environments and strengthen the diverse community within our walls. With the use of innovative advocacy and proven team building activities, these companies support and empower their LGBTQIA+ talent and customers. 

1. L … is for the way you look at me: Lesbians Who Tech & Allies

Lesbians Who Tech & Allies are consistently and effectively putting pressure on the tech sector to be more inclusive. Their network includes more than 100,000 LGBTQ women, trans and nonbinary individuals, and queer women of color (plus allies) in tech, which truly speaks to their tagline: Queer. Inclusive. Bad Ass. Lesbians Who Tech run unapologetic social media campaigns that call for an end to performative activism and corporate homophobia and transphobia.

A recent LinkedIn post of theirs that spoke to me was “Lesbian is not a dirty word.” The word “lesbian” is still whispered even in woke spaces and it’s time for change! 

This organization is currently holding their #PrideSummit events in cities across America to empower LGBTQ+ recruitment and networking.

2. G … is for giving support to the queer community: Gap Inc.

Are you gay and proud? An urban legend assigned this phrase to the acronym Gap. This gave school bullies free-reign to ridicule others who wore the emblem. In 2021, Gap launched a campaign that asked LGBTQIA+ activists and trailblazers how they would respond now if asked, leading to a resounding “Yes!” The clothing company’s campaign celebrates real-life LGBTQ heroes who are proud to be on any part of the gender and sexuality spectrum. 

In recent years, Gap has championed this diverse community with an emphasis on visibility – a significant pillar in the fight for LGBT acceptance. “You can’t be what you can’t see” says one of the campaign’s participants –Rico Jacob Chase, a trailblazing trans artist and activist. Gap rounded off its campaign with a $50,000 donation to GLAAD, which is an organization devoted to accelerating LGBTQ acceptance.

3. B … is for the betterment of BIPOC and trans-identified folks: Best Buy

Best Buy is committed to creating a safe and inclusive work environment for its LGBTQIA+ employees and has been named as one of the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC’s) Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality. 

In 2021, the company highlighted the  story of Keegan Shoutz and his husband who were able to adopt a baby girl with the help of its surrogacy and adoption benefit program. The consumer electronics retailer also partnered with PopSocket to create a line of PopGrips designed by LGBTQIA+ youth in the community. Best Buy rounded out its campaign with a $25,000 donation to the Trevor Project, an organization dedicated to LGBTQ+ youth suicide prevention.

4. T …  is walking the talk for equity: TransCanWork

TransCanWork, Inc. offers career guidance for trans folks and is “building a culture nationwide for transgender people to thrive in the workplace.” They hold weekly TGI (transgender, gender-varient, and intersex) in-person and Zoom Workplace Basics workshops in West Hollywood, CA to connect transgender job seekers with positions in trans-friendly environments. The workshops focus on resume building, interview prep, pay negotiation practice, and more.

If you are a company looking for new talent or you’re a TGI job seeker, be sure to connect with this organization on LinkedIn.

5. Q+ … is for the quantity and quality of events that: Fortive brings

Our very own parent company encourages us to live our authentic selves and gives us the space to do so with the PRIDE Across Fortive event roll-out. The organizer is an employee-driven community whose mission is to be an accessible resource that provides education and perspective. For the third consecutive year, Fortive is celebrating the spirit of Pride month by hosting activities that promote an inclusive and supportive workplace environment. The PRIDE Across Fortive EFRG, which stands for Employee & Friends Resource Group, is holding events across 20+ companies including Drag Queen Bingo, Bringing Authenticity into the Workplace, and my personal favorite: The Let’s Get Real About Inclusivity workshop.

You can learn more about Fortive’s vision and practice of inclusion and diversity here.

Thank you to our inclusivity leaders Lesbians Who Tech & Allies and TransCanWork, and our customers Best Buy and Gap for walking the talk. As a transgender woman who recently joined the team at ServiceChannel, I’m thrilled to be a part of a company who uplifts my community.