A Thanks and Happy New Year to the Growing ServiceChannel Community

A Thanks and Happy New Year to the Growing ServiceChannel Community

Well, it’s time for that flip of the calendar to a new year.  We all hope that your 2015 was a good one, both personally and professionally, and that your outlook for 2016 is positive and filled with optimism.    

We’d like to thank you again for your partnership, commitment and candor this year.   Facilities management is an increasingly sophisticated, complex and strategic function – you need the proper operational and analytical tools – and a committed partner to succeed.

Happy New Year.jpgAs we concluded 2015, we held a company all-hands holiday meeting to thank our team for their efforts during the year, and to highlight some of the progress from the previous 12 months.  It was a good reflection and I trust that you do the same with your teams – but the most interesting part of the meeting was talking about some of the “new year resolutions” that we are putting on the table for 2016.

What’s Driving ServiceChannel’s Products in 2016

Foremost of these resolutions is a commitment to accelerate innovation and to take our facilities management software product line and customer support to much higher levels – for all participants in our system, including facilities professionals, contractors and suppliers.  In particular, we talked about four principles and guidelines that we will focus on in terms of product evolution in 2016. 

These key concepts (and they all play into the trends that David Markowitz noted in our recent blog post (7 Trends That Will Impact Facilities Management Next Year) are Easy, Intelligent, Automated and Open. 

In essence, our teams are going to drive our FM solution to be:

  • Easier to Use – so that the software we produce is always working FOR you, not the other way around
  • More Intelligent – so that the data we present to you allows for new and more meaningful insights in terms of your business
  • More Automated – so that we can help you to replace repetitive, manual tasks with smart automation and business logic
  • More Open – so that our solution more easily interacts and exchanges information with “other” systems and applications that may be important to you for other parts of your business
Visiting customer Philz Coffee.jpg
ServiceChannel’s Tom Buiocchi, CEO & Steven Gottfried, Co-Founder celebrating the new year at customer Philz Coffee

The feedback that we have gotten from many of you (via 1-1 meetings, advisory boards, industry events and training sessions) is that, if we can make things easier, more intelligent, more automated and more “connected,” then we can make a huge impact in your ability to drive improved economics, better quality, and more informed and timely decisions for all our customers.

This is obviously going to require more investment in analytics, mobile technologies and overall user experience.  We’re signed up for that, and hope you’ll appreciate these “resolutions” for 2016.

Thank you again – we hope you enjoyed your holidays – and we very much look forward to catching up early in the new year.