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Quality Customer Service and Efficiency with Douglas Taylor Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

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August 12, 2022

Angel Perez is a people person. As the Office Manager / Human Resources Administrator at Douglas Taylor Air Conditioning & Refrigeration in Florida, he’s always busy. Angel is dedicated to fulfilling customer needs with “quality customer service, promptness, and efficiency.”

Part of what keeps Angel so busy is making sure his team is well prepared for their jobs. Angel makes it his mission to “enable people to perform well in their jobs and help them adapt to new technology that will make their work enjoyable and productive.” It’s this attitude that has earned Angel and Douglas Taylor Air Conditioning & Refrigeration accolades.

But it’s not all ice cream and popsicles. Angel’s notes that the hardest part is “always starting and keeping site of a challenge while having to adjust and innovate toward achieving the goal.”

Angel uses ServiceChannel technology as an important and interactive tool. He notes that as a service contractor, ServiceChannel “facilitates the way we provide quick and efficient maintenance service calls, purchase orders, invoicing and scheduling to our clients.” He describes ServiceChannel technology as “innovative, educational and user friendly.”

Angel has a large toolkit when it comes to training. He employs on-the-job training, seminars, webinars, conferences, and educational assistance. To Angel, training is crucial. He thinks it’s very important to train “employees to perform their jobs efficiently while at the same time enjoying the work they do.” He is always looking for new technology and tools that enable them to perform productively and safely.

And when he’s not busy at work? Angel enjoys jogging and spending time with family and friends. Like we said, Angel is a people person.



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