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Supply Chain Visibility, Mobile Site Audits: Rhodes Report [Nov/Dec Edition]

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August 12, 2022

Welcome to the latest edition of the Rhodes Report!  In previous issues, I’ve written about some innovative ways that you can do your job better with ServiceChannel, like the Contractor Scorecard and Savings Report.  I’ve also highlighted how ServiceChannel can reduce a number of risk factors facing your organization, particularly given all the data security breaches in the news.

As you know, ServiceChannel can help automate all of your repair & maintenance (R&M) labor services, freeing you to focus on more important tasks.  But we understand that managing your labor supply is not everything you do (or could do).  

That’s why we continue to innovate ServiceChannel, broadening the platform’s capabilities to enable your FM group to extend its own capabilities and expand the services you can provide across your organization.

I’m pleased to say that there are a number of exciting new products we’re hard at work on that we’ll be sharing with you further in 2015. That said, there are others available today you may not be familiar with that I think could help you and your team provide even further value.

Beyond Managing Contractors

Did you know that ServiceChannel can provide the same visibility into your parts and supplies spend as your labor spend?  One module that’s gaining a lot of interest can help you optimize your sourcing and purchasing of parts and supplies.  In the same way that ServiceChannel improves your visibility into your labor and R&M services spend, ServiceChannel’s Supply Manager can help you similarly with supplies, parts and materials.

Given the budget constraints you’re likely under, Supply Manager can help you reduce a big chunk of your FM budget (over a third in many cases) while ensuring that your contractors are using the proper parts and your department is not paying costly markups. In addition, warranties aren’t put in jeopardy or even voided.  Supply Manager ties directly with ServiceChannel and can help you spread the benefit of your ServiceChannel deployment to your colleagues.

You may find your supplies purchasing process is not particularly cost-efficient, whether there are savings you’re leaving on the table or you’re not taking advantage of negotiated discounts through individual locations’ or even contractors’ buying on their own.  With Supply Manager, you get an online catalog for your locations and contractors of only approved contracted materials, parts, supplies and support services from your own vendors.  This way, the right things are bought at the right prices.


Supply Manager Use Case – Cost Savings through 
Improved Parts & Supplies Purchasing
A national restaurant chain had allowed local contractors to buy parts as needed. However, it realized this didn’t take advantage of its corporate spend or assure proper warranty processes, leading to excessive parts and supply markups.  After deploying Supply Manager, the chain could then leverage its own negotiated contracts for needed parts, resulting in cost savings, warranty improvement and greater TCO analysis for equipment.


Ensure Consistent and Comprehensive Site Audits via Mobile Device

Another task that likely falls under your domain is conducting audits on all your locations and equipment, ideally on a regular basis.  Whether you bring in outsiders, rely upon on-site staff or end up doing it yourself with your own team, it’s a challenge to see such reviews performed in any kind of complete and consistent method.  With our new mobile-based site audit tool, it becomes easy for anyone to review and assess the conditions of everything in the same way at every location

Again, the site audit tool is integrated with ServiceChannel so any identified remedial action that’s needed gets into the system right on the spot, and is addressed the same way as any other service request.  Also, you’ll find how easy it is to come up with the crucial data you need to make informed capex budgeting decisions around equipment and asset replacement.  This can prove quite beneficial as you plan for 2015.

These are just a few of some new tools, functions and capabilities that are part of ServiceChannel that can help you further position yourself as an innovative leader within your company.  We’re continuing to work on new ways to help you do your job even better, and importantly, keep adding value.

New Offices Opened
Lastly, we wanted to let you know that we’ve expanded our own facilities, with new offices in Columbus, OH as well London, England to better serve our clients with locations in Europe.  If you’re based near either of these locations, please reach out as our teams there would love to meet you. 

We’d of course welcome the opportunity to explore with you the benefits you could see from any of the innovations I touched on here.  Your SC Account Executive can go into more detail and show you exactly how they can work in your environment.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your AE or contact me directly.  


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