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CorePower Yoga Optimizes Contractor Management and Accountability through ServiceChannel

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August 12, 2022

Service Automation Enables National Yoga Chain to Streamline Work Order Process and
Speed Up Invoicing from Days to Hours

New York – May 18, 2016 — ServiceChannel, the leading SaaS service automation platform for facilities managers and contractors, today announced that Denver-based CorePower Yoga has implemented ServiceChannel Service Automation to overhaul its highly decentralized facilities maintenance and repair processes to achieve meaningful benefits such as:

  • streamlining number of vendors (contractors) significantlyCPY_Logo.png
  • accelerating start-to-finish invoicing from an average 88 percent through digital documentation
  • tracking repair and maintenance spending by specific trade and easily distinguishing between capital versus operational expenses

Overall, using the ServiceChannel service automation platform has helped CorePower Yoga hold its vendors more accountable in terms of results and spending. Conversely, the improved efficiency has helped CorePower Yoga be a model customer to its vendors who are benefiting from actionable feedback as well as timely invoicing and payment, which helps them better manage their cash flows.

For example, after deploying ServiceChannel, CorePower Yoga saw major improvement in key metrics such as contractor check-in compliance and first-time completion rate of work orders. This directly led to cost-savings with the average invoice amount decreasing nearly 15 percent and spending per-location on facilities maintenance and repairs dropping almost 50 percent.

These improvements are instrumental in helping CorePower Yoga’s facilities management team support the company’s ambitious expansion plans nationwide. Currently, CorePower Yoga manages more than 150 studios across 13 states with plans to add more than 30 studios this year. CorePower Yoga’s growth is fueled by the booming popularity of yoga throughout the US as a fitness discipline, which is now nearly a $30 billion industry.

“The rationale for using ServiceChannel service automation at our company was self-evident,” said Brian Peoples, Director of Facilities at CorePower Yoga, who experienced positive benefits of using service automation at previous companies. “Essentially, we have modernized what was a rudimentary facilities management practice, which helps our studios focus on serving our members instead of managing contractors and maintenance projects.”

The visibility and insights from ServiceChannel service automation is also giving CorePower Yoga new levels of productivity that factor in how the company is designing and building new studios. For example, by analyzing previous repair and maintenance trends, CorePower Yoga was able to inform its construction and design team with specific details such as frequently recurring maintenance issues or the types of facilities equipment or fixtures that were prone to failure.

“This is a great example of how we’re using facilities data to positively impact design and construction decisions,” Peoples said. “This saves the company a lot of money by being smarter and more efficient in how we’re adding new studios.”

The success of the current implementation has given CorePower Yoga the impetus to expand its use of ServiceChannel to more facilities operations. Expansion plans include using ServiceChannel Asset Manager to track repairs on each piece of equipment, giving the facilities team real-time information to make repair or replace decisions. The company also plans to arm both employees and vendors with mobile capabilities including GPS-check in for contractors and anywhere/anytime/any device work order lifecycle management through the ServiceChannel Mobile App.

For more information on the ServiceChannel deployment at CorePower Yoga, please download the success story here.

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