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Measure Contractor Performance with Contractor Scorecard Reports

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August 12, 2022

Contractor Scorecard fast becoming Industry Standard

For years diligent facilities managers have relied on their relationships with their strong contractor partners to ensure they’re getting the best service and prices. However, in today’s dynamic and competitive environment, this is not enough. Facilities managers and contractors need a tool to better manage themselves and ensure that contractors are meeting and exceeding their clients’ expectations. Since ServiceChannel released its Contractor Scorecard in February 2013, there have been more than 20,000 report executions between contractors and facilities managers.

Benefits of a Contractor Scorecard

What makes the Contractor Scorecard one of the most popular dashboards in ServiceChannel Analytics?

To start, it’s accessible in one click which loads a great-looking dashboard with a whole lot of data in a matter of seconds. What’s more important though is what that data does for the Facilities Manager. It provides a consistent and universal set of metrics that is a standard across all clients. FMs no longer have to spend hours pulling excel reports, manipulating them to put them in a consumable format; they also don’t have to explain what the reports are reflecting with their partners or colleagues either.

The industry needed a simple, visually appealing and, more importantly, effective tool to help standardize and report on facilities management key performance indicators (KPIs) as well as improve transparency. ServiceChannel’s Contractor Scorecard was developed with input and guidance from many of our key clients who all had this goal in mind. So it’s not surprising that the industry has immediately responded so positively to it.

We are excited about the success of the Contractor Scorecard and what it means to our partners and the industry. What excites us more is how industry is evolving and the role that data and information will play in that metamorphosis.

The Contractor Scorecard is already being used by hundreds of retailers and tens of thousands of contractors. For a Facilities manager, the Contractor Scorecard provides a quick, easy and reliable way to measure and grade all contractors in the network on performance as well as provides a 30,000 foot view on costs and trends. FMs can also compare all providers within the network against each other.

For contractors who have the daunting task of measuring their own performance and costs across all of their clients, the Contractor Scorecard is a simple and effective tool to manage their businesses. It promotes communication and provides both sides with a single source of truth.

How often do you look at your Contractor Scorecard dashboard? Which part of the Contractor Scorecard has become the most useful to your business?

Facilities Management Contractor ScoreCard

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