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Compliance Gives Contractors a Competitive Advantage


Contractor compliance requirements can have a positive impact on your business in 3 ways:

  1. It raises the bar. When a contractor goes through the screening process and gets vetted, they get a badge on their profile. They show up as being a verified contractor. If you are running a legitimate contracting business or service and you are compliant, you have the potential to get more work.


  1. It is going to make it harder for people with no insurance and no license to work in our industry – compared to those who do. Although it does take some time and effort to become compliant, it elevates you above all of the companies out there that don’t meet tight requirements.
    And if you’re introduced to our compliance management platform by a client, it can lead to even more business:


  1. It reduces time and paperwork. Say you are a contractor and you are running, “Vik’s Air Conditioning Company.” You have a lot of different clients that want to do business with you, and each one is asking for your credentials. You are spending half your day sending paperwork to these companies. But now if “Vik’s Air Conditioning” is on Fixxbook, it only takes one step to get that big verified contractor badge. Clients know that as long as that badge is there, your insurance is current, you have a W9, an ID number, etc.

In July 2013 alone

  • 79 ServiceChannel clients invited new Fixxbook contractors into their Private Network
  • 80 contractors completed the client compliance requirements and were approved to receive work orders
  • 765 contractor companies were invited into client Private Networks
  • 140,812 contractor companies came up in Fixxbook search results

It’s a proven & effective tool which contractors are benefiting from everyday. If you’re not there, you’re not gonna be found. The better your profile is, the more information you can provide, the more likely you are chosen. We look forward to helping you stay compliant and earn more business.

Eric Schechter
President, Fixxbook

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