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Avoid paying for landlord responsibilities

Jillian Evans
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July 12, 2024

Track the repairs and maintenance your landlords are responsible for and automatically dispatch work to the right provider, so you avoid paying out of pocket.

It’s important to ensure that the repairs and maintenance defined as the landlord’s responsibility in your lease get assigned to the landlord and don’t come out of your budget.

Now you don’t have to check your lease records every time you get a new service request, because you can track landlord responsibilities right in ServiceChannel. Have your lease data at your fingertips and automatically dispatch work covered by your lease to an internal provider, who can share it with your landlord. And with the new integration between ServiceChannel and the Accruent Lucernex lease management system, you can automatically sync landlord responsibilities as leases change.

How it works

  • Reduce your operating costs. ServiceChannel automatically dispatches work orders to the provider assigned to landlord responsibilities for each location, whether that’s an internal provider or directly to the landlord, so you avoid paying out of pocket.
  • Use data to renegotiate leases and cut expenses. With data on the frequency of landlord repairs, you can negotiate better terms or decide to relocate during your next renewal.
  • Flexible options for importing responsibilities. You can manually add landlord responsibilities, upload a template, connect to Accruent Lucernex, or integrate with any lease management solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What lease management systems can be integrated with ServiceChannel?

You can integrate with any type of lease management software by syncing flat file records of landlord responsibilities by location, trade, and category.

The standardized integration with Accruent Lucernex makes it faster and easier for you to get started, without requiring your own development and testing.

How do I get started?

For new customers, request a ServiceChannel demo by clicking here.

Existing customers can start by setting up landlord responsibilities manually for some locations. Go to the Locations & Provider Assignments page > select a location > click on the new Landlord tab. To edit landlord responsibilities, users need the Location Admin role. To integrate with your lease management system, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Support.

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