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Provider guide to asset management

Improve and expand your service, boost customer satisfaction, and work more efficiently by accessing essential data on your customers assets.


Keep every asset up and running

As a service provider, you know the challenges your customers face managing potentially thousands of physical assets across all their locations—HVAC, refrigeration, food prep, IT equipment, vehicles, machinery, and more.

Fortunately, with ServiceChannel your customers have access to a powerful system, Asset Manager, to help them meet this challenge. As part of that system, they can grant providers permission to access shared customer asset data—right from your Provider home page or your ServiceChannel Provider mobile app.

How it Works

With ServiceChannel Asset Manager, customers capture and catalog real-time details on the location, condition, history, model, and warranty status of every asset. Each asset has a unique, scannable tag affixed that links to these details.

Your customer can give you access to this asset information for the locations and trades you service. Customers can also grant you permission to make necessary updates to asset details right from the field.

With their permission, you can see the asset details from your ServiceChannel provider home page, a link in a work order, or simply by scanning the asset tag with your Provider mobile app. This information is at your fingertips from one easily accessible source. 

Know before you go 
Equipped with service history, asset type, notes, warranty, and location, your technicians can arrive with the right tools and parts to make their time more efficient and complete the service within the first visit. This helps your profitability and performance scores by boosting your cost-effectiveness and first-time completion rate.

Make timely updates on location
Your onsite technicians are in the best possible position to accurately evaluate an asset’s condition and update tag details. With the Provider mobile app, they can see recent service history by your company, upload pictures, attachments, and notes to keep your customer’s register up to date. Customers may also include a request in the work order that you add meter or sensor readings.

Boost compliance and risk management 
At the same time, you’re helping ensure your customer is always in compliance with regulatory standards. You’re aiding their risk management with “real-time” insights into the condition of equipment and any potential impact on operations.

You can easily spot potential issues before they become critical, helping your customer avoid downtime, protect their customer experience, and make sound decisions about whether to repair or replace.

Plan preventative maintenance 
You and your customer can also work together to establish the right preventative maintenance plan based on how much an asset is being used or based on regularly timed intervals. This further reduces downtime and extends the lifetime of each asset.

Support capital planning
Now, with a powerful new asset validation add-on module, your customer can request that your technicians validate assets onsite to ensure the accuracy of their asset portfolio. Your technician simply clicks ‘validate’ or ‘unable to validate’ in the Provider mobile app, indicating that assets are onsite ensuring the accuracy of your customers asset portfolio.

Without repeated costly audits, your customer can maintain accurate, validated data on ever-changing assets to calculate total cost of operation for capital planning.

What this can mean for your business

As a valued service provider with “boots on the ground,” you’re in the perfect position to take oversight of your customer’s assets. That’s a great new business opportunity — you’re adding an invaluable service, boosting customer loyalty, and creating a whole new revenue stream.

And now they can easily engage your services in building and maintaining the single source of real-time information they need.

Take action
A proactive customer relationship starts with understanding your customer’s needs. If you see that a customer could benefit from your help and you’re interested in expanding your scope of service, have a conversation with them.

Encourage them to reach out to their account manager about the features already available in Asset Manager and about the added value of the new asset validation module. This is a great opportunity to cement their loyalty and add a whole new dimension to your relationship.

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Where can I find a list of my customers assets?

Pull down the hamburger menu on your Provider Home page and select Assets (Equipment). There you can see a list of the assets you are authorized to service by customer and location.

What can I do if the asset tag is missing or inaccurate?

If you are authorized, you can edit the tag details. If the tag is missing, notify your customer.

Why can't I see all the service history of an asset?

Only customers can view all of the service history. Providers can see only the history of the services they have provided.

How can I help my customers manage their assets?

As a valued service provider you’re in the perfect position to take oversight of your customer’s assets.

It’s a great new business opportunity–you’re adding an invaluable service boosting customer loyalty, and creating a whole new revenue stream.

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