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Growth opportunity for top service providers

Focus on great service to establish your track record and reap the rewards as a ServiceChannel preferred provider.


Get tapped as a preferred provider

Many of today’s top brands are turning to ServiceChannel to help them build their provider network and manage operations. Outstanding performers are invited as preferred providers for these top-tier customers.  

ServiceChannel invites only top performing providers to deliver the quality service these customers expect. As a ServiceChannel preferred provider, we will introduce you to more customers, allowing you to concentrate on delivering top-notch service while we assist you in discovering new business opportunities.

How it works

  • When we have a customer in need of a high-performing provider in your trade and service area, you’ll be contacted by a ServiceChannel representative inviting you into our network of preferred providers.
  • If you’re interested, you accept the invitation and confirm the trades and geographic areas you can service effectively.
  • A member of the ServiceChannel dedicated provider team will guide you through the one-time onboarding process.
  • You work closely with and directly for your new customer. In some cases, Service Channel will also be involved in helping to manage work orders, proposals, status updates, and approvals to streamline your operations.

What you get

  • An exclusive opportunity to win new business with loyal, multi-location customers who appreciate your great service
  • A dedicated provider team to support you along the way
  • The opportunity for one-on-one consultations and strategic business reviews to help your growth and success

“ServiceChannel opened our doors to a whole new level of customers.”

Anthony Gennaro, Gennaro Plumbing

Top tips for getting invited

Your invitation and success depends on achieving and maintaining a great ServiceChannel track record in four key areas:
Speed: You meet SLAs and submit proposals and invoices quickly.
Quality: You maintain a high first-time completion rate and have great customer feedback.
Engagement: You and your technicians make full use of the ServiceChannel platform to instill customer confidence.
Price: The service you deliver is cost-effective. We evaluate cost per invoice, not just your hourly rate.


What is a ServiceChannel preferred provider?

A ServiceChannel preferred provider is a top performer in their trade and geographic areas of service tapped to work for one or more multi-facility brands that engage ServiceChannel to help them identify and work with the best providers.

Can I sign up to be a ServiceChannel preferred provider?

If you are a registered ServiceChannel provider with a solid track record on ServiceChannel and we have a customer in need of your services, we will reach out to you.

How can I become a ServiceChannel preferred provider?

The best way to be tapped by ServiceChannel as a preferred provider is to focus on consistently delivering excellent service to all of your existing ServiceChannel customers in four key areas: Speed, Quality, Price and Engagement.

In addition to quality service, what else can I do to improve my chances of being invited?

To increase your opportunity to be invited, make sure your ServiceChannel provider profile includes all key details needed to match you with the right new clients: your trades, geographic area of service, certificates and licensing, insurance information, hours of service, your preferred contact information for new business, and more. (Note a new profile was launched in 2021 and includes more key information than you most likely provided when you first registered with ServiceChannel). See more tips for completing your new profile.

How do I specify the geographic areas I cover?

Use the map in your provider profile to specify the areas you cover by state and county.

Is there a cost associated with work I do for customers acquired through ServiceChannel as a preferred provider?

ServiceChannel charges a modest commission of 5% of the pre-tax amount of your approved invoices to any customers you acquire through ServiceChannel, whether we tap you as a preferred provider for one of our customers or a new customer discovers and invites you directly through ServiceChannel Provider Search.

This 5% commission, which also covers the software usage fee you pay now for approved invoices with your existing Service Channel customers, is a small fraction of what it would cost to secure this new business by hiring your own sales force.

What's the difference between working as a ServiceChannel preferred provider and working for a broker?

First, with ServiceChannel, you bank $95 of every $100 you bill to customers, while brokers often take as much as 40%. Also, given their business model, brokers stand between you and the customer and tend to view service providers as a replaceable commodity. With ServiceChannel, you work for the customer without the “middleman.” The value of your commitment to quality service as a preferred provider is recognized, appreciated and rewarded. Our team is on hand to help streamline your operations and profitability and we dedicate resources to help ensure your ongoing growth and success.

How will I know if I receive an invitation to be a ServiceChannel preferred provider?

When we have a ServiceChannel customer in need of the services you provide in the geographic locations you serve, the ServiceChannel Managed team will call you with an invitation to participate.

What happens when I accept the invitation?

When you accept the invitation, you will be assigned a dedicated specialist to guide you through the one-time process of onboarding as a ServiceChannel preferred provider.

How do I receive work orders?

You’ll receive work orders for your new customer via the ServiceChannel platform that include the scope of work, job location, a service level agreement (SLA), and a not-to-exceed (NTE) amount. You simply acknowledge receipt of the work order by clicking Accept or Decline.

Do I have to accept all work orders to maintain my status as a ServiceChannel preferred provider?

When you accept the invitation to provide service as a preferred provider in your trade(s) and designated geographic areas to a ServiceChannel customer, you are generally expected to be available to fill all their service needs. But you are not required to accept all work orders. What we ask is that you respond quickly, within 30 minutes, so we can reach out to another provider to service the customer promptly if you need to decline.

Do I have to be a preferred provider to get discovers by customers using ServiceChannel Provider Search?

Being a preferred provider is not required to get listed, discovered and receive invitations from new customers through ServiceChannel Provider Search. However, search results are always presented with the best performers in the top positions. Most often these will be preferred providers.

If I accept my invitation, can I still provide servce to my other customers on the ServiceChannel platform?

Yes, you can continue to service your current customers and maintain your status as a ServiceChannel preferred provider as long as you have the capacity to maintain expected service levels for all your customers.

Why do you ask us to use the ServiceChannel mobile app to confirm dispatch and arrival and completion times?

Providing this information in real-time using the mobile app is the best way to keep us informed of work order status and helps you keep solid rating for engagement and speed.

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