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How scores are calculated and what they mean

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Learn where you stand on the metrics contributing to your scores.

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March 10, 2024

See where you stand and how your service compares

Based on millions of work orders for thousands of customer locations, ServiceChannel evaluates provider performance in the four traits facilities managers care about most: Speed, Quality, Price, and Engagement.  

ServiceChannel calculates these scores using more than 25 objective key performance indicators (KPIs) based on actual work order data. Each individual score for Speed, Quality, Price and Engagement is calculated based on a weighted average of its contributing KPIs.

Your resulting scores fall into one of four “quartiles” compared to the average scores of other providers on ServiceChannel: Top, Average, Below Average, and Bottom. How these quartiles are defined differs for each score and is based on current market conditions.  

Get a quick view of the percentage of your scores in each quartile.

Use your Contractor Scorecard 2.0 to see your scores, where you stand on the contributing KPIs, how you compare to other providers in your trade and geographic area, where you can focus to stay on top, and much more.

How the quartiles are defined for providers “overall”

These are the current quartile thresholds for providers overall. They are based on current market trends and are subject to change.

How the quartiles are defined with benchmarking

From the Benchmarking tab in your Contractor Scorecard 2.0, you and your customers can see how you’re doing not just against the average of all providers on ServiceChannel, but in comparison to benchmarks set by other providers of your trade, in your specific geographic area of service. With benchmarking, both your scores and the thresholds defining each quartile are “dynamic” — they will vary based on filters chosen for trade, metro region, and customer industry.

How are scores calculated?

Each score is calculated from a weighted set of key performance indicators (KPIs). The exact formulas, like the Provider Search algorithms, are proprietary, and also subject to change over time as our data indicates. Certain KPIs are generally weighted higher than others and will have a more significant impact on your scores. Those KPIs are highlighted below.

* These KPIs are especially significant in determining your performance scores

More on scores

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Contractor Scorecard 2.0: Use your scorecard to track your scores and KPIs in near real time for all of your customers, down to the work order level.
New benchmarking feature: See how your scores stack up compared to providers in your own trades and service area.
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How does having good scores help me grow my business?

High performance scores improve your ranking in ServiceChannel Provider Search. They also give you the opportunity to be tapped by ServiceChannel as a preferred provider to work for customers who engage us directly to help them find and work with the best providers.

Why do I have a blank score?

A minimum of ten repair work orders during the trailing three years is required to calculate a meaningful score. If you don’t yet meet that threshold, your score will be blank.

Even if you meet the ten work order threshold overall, you may not meet it for Price in a specific trade, in a specific region. In that case, your Price score will show as “N/A” and can be calculated as “0” in the Search score shown to the customer for that search.

Is one score more important that the others?

Both the Overall score you see on your homepage and the Search Score customers see in search results are a weighted average of your four individual scores, with the highest emphasis on Speed and Price.

But following the best practices to achieve and maintain high scores for all four is important since some of the specific factors used in one score overlap with others. For example, your same day completion rate is factored into both your Speed and Quality scores, and your average time on site is a factor in both Speed and Price.

Do my scores include maintenance work orders?

The performance scores are based only on repair work orders, not preventative maintenance.

How can "68" be considered a top score?

A score of 100 would be perfect service, which is not possible in the real world. In reality, a speed score of 68 puts a provider in the top 25% of all providers.

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