GPS & IVR Contractor Check-In for Contractors

Monitor Contractor Arrivals in Real-Time

GPS IVR Check In

How GPS & IVR Check-In for Contractors Works

Know exactly when contractors arrive at your location with easy-to-use GPS and interactive voice response (IVR) functionality. Contractors can simply check-in and check-out via their mobile device or from any on-site phone.

ServiceChannel’s GPS app and newly enhanced and upgraded IVR system uses cloud-based technology to provide superior scalability, capacity, and stability. System-based tracking eliminates erroneous or false information associated with self-reporting.

Easy as 1-2-3

The ServiceChannel GPS Check-In mobile app automatically records a contractor’s geolocation coordinates when they check-in or check-out within a customer-defined radius of the service location.

With the IVR check-in system, the contractor simply calls upon arrival at site, and enters a PIN and work order number. After performing work at the location, the contractor calls back into the IVR system, and notes if the job is done or requires a follow-up visit.

Benefits of GPS Check-In for Contractors

Billing Accuracy

Validate that a service provider was on site for a work order and for how long to improve the accuracy of labor invoicing

Eliminates Disputes

Companies and their contractors have proof of time spent on site


Know which specific contractors are at your location, including exactly when they arrive and when they leave



Higher uptime and less interruptions through GPS technology or phone system, server, and data center redundancy

ServiceChannel GPS Check-In Features

Geolocation Check-in

Validate contractor presence at your location via mobile device GPS technology


Real-Time Updates

Know exactly when contractors are on-site

On-Site Photos

Contractors can add photos to work orders to provide richer information and more context

IVR Check-In Features


Large Capacity

Handles a large volume of phone calls simultaneously


Highly Scalable

Automatically grows as more calls flow into the system

Fully Redundant

Uses multiple phone carriers, Internet providers, and data centers


Supports 14 languages from any phone in the world to cover a global customer base


Simple to Use

Easy-to-follow steps ensure compliance for users