Customer Stories

Hear from Alex Gama from Veggie Grill on how his team partnered with ServiceChannel to transform their facilities management program.

Find out why Bloomin Brands, Panda Express, Urban Plates, Torchy’s Tacos, and Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers agree that the #1 Facilities Management Platform is second to none.

Whether it is warranty repairs, repair versus replace decisions, or general operations, data is the key to lowering facilities costs and improving outcomes.

Walmart keeps food fresh and future-proofs their shopping experience by leveraging data from state-of-the-art assets, IoT, and resolution codes. Learn how their digital facilities transformation journey has driven real business outcomes.

Love’s Travel Stops reliably serves customers by managing critical assets in ServiceChannel. See how they minimize downtime and proactively replace assets based on data.

Extend the benefits of ServiceChannel beyond just facilities. See how various departments including Legal, Risk, and Accounting collaborate to drive guest satisfaction at CCF!

See how RaceTrac leverages IoT connected devices with ServiceChannel to reduce downtime, provide great guest experiences, and save over $1M per year.

Learn how data helps to manage assets cost-effectively, and hear how CarMax is saving by replacing assets proactively and maximizing warranties.

Find out how Save A Lot improved their refrigeration service quality – and costs – by 45%!

See how CarMax uses ServiceChannel Projects to efficiently track and execute $80M in capital projects to upgrade the critical production assets that run their business.

See how CVS gets the most out of their vendors to deliver a safe and clean environment for their customers, and how they moved from no real reporting ability to real-time data.

Top brands use one integrated Facilities Management Platform to automate work orders, manage service providers, deliver amazing customer experiences — and higher ROI. See their stories.

Get a firsthand look at how Cal’s track assets and spend, drastically reduced repair call times, made it easier for vendors to get paid, and use analytics to better plan for future success.

See how Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers give their restaurant operators more control over assets, provider invoices, and expenses to make smarter FM decisions that help boost profits — and growth.

Panda’s Restaurant Group says that ServiceChannel “is a must” for any multi-location restaurant. See how they use it to keep their 2,000+ locations cooking with the #1 Facilities Management Platform.

Find out how neighborhood grocery store chain Tops Markets slashed the time it takes to spot problems from 30-60 days, to instant visibility. They reduced asset downtime, saved money, and “changed the entire way we do business” with ServiceChannel, all to deliver a better customer experience.

Solution Highlights

Compare dozens of service providers using speed of repair, quality of work, and invoice costs instantly with data from ServiceChannel.

A short overview of the ServiceChannel, #1 Facilities Management Platform, and the problems we solve for the greatest brands in the world.

See how standardized Resolution and Root Cause Codes allow you to capture richer repair data to pinpoint recurring issues and avoid new work orders.

Learn how data helps to manage assets cost-effectively, and hear how CarMax is saving by replacing assets proactively and maximizing warranties.

Get a sneak peek at the brand new ServiceChannel Search – the industry’s only provider search powered by objective performance data.

Learn how we can help you find better service providers with the power of big data, and see how it’s already helped over 100 brands get amazing results.

Learn how we ensure great outcomes, performance and transparency in our facilities management program delivered as a turnkey solution

Are you falling for common provider sourcing myths? Learn how ServiceChannel Scout eliminates the guesswork and effort from having a great provider network.

See how ServiceChannel Scout uses data to connect you with top providers at the best cost – and hear a real customer success story!

See how ServiceChannel Weather helps you plan for unpredictable events and act quickly to prevent costly damage to locations and assets.

ServiceChannel Asset Manager allows your organization to determine whether to invest in repairs or replace an asset based on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and depreciation analysis. Most companies lose up to 34% of potential warranty savings from leakage and unnecessarily paying for repairs.

ServiceChannel Refrigerant Tracking Manager makes it easy to track your refrigerant use with every service call. It automates the capture of required information and the scheduling of follow-up verification for compliance with EPA 608 regulations. It also automatically generates your GreenChill certification report. So you avoid fines and refrigeration downtime – all while contributing to a healthier environment and building a stronger “green” brand.

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HT’s 2022 Restaurant Technology Study: Making Magic Happen delivers strategic, data-driven insights into how restaurants are investing more, focusing on integrations, mobile transactions, and digital engagement.

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