How do you know you’re working with the best providers?

ServiceChannel’s data lets you see service providers in a whole new light.

70K+ Service Providers

The largest network of providers in the industry across all trades.

360K+ Locations

We’re with vendors wherever they go, including retail, grocery, convenience, restaurant, and financial institutions.

130M+ Work Orders

From HVAC repairs to cleaning (even windows) we’ve processed them all.

4.7B+ Data Points

On provider performance in the last 12 months.

Don’t guess, really know.

ServiceChannel knows finding reliable providers is crucial, now more than ever. So, we’ve turned the richest provider performance data into the deepest insights available, and we’re sharing it all with you. Not only can you get to know your providers in ways you never knew you could, but you can also see how they stack up against an aggregate of industry performance. So you’ll know if providers are best in class — or if you should replace ASAP.

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We’ve got the numbers.

When we say deep insights we mean it. ServiceChannel gives you a level of detail you could never get before. Pick an industry and hover over a location to see a sample of metrics from across the country!

Want to see even more details for your industry?

Does better service always cost more?

Choose a performance metric and explore the data, then decide for yourself. Each dot represents a real provider. See why choosing a provider by cost alone just might not be the best way to go.

First Time Completion

Want great quality AND great cost?

Not all providers (or regions) are created equal.

Provider performance can vary drastically, and can even depend on where you are. Hover over each dot to see a sample of the varying KPI benchmarks captured from millions of work orders in the ServiceChannel platform, or go deeper to see them at a state or county level.

Curious where your providers fall?

Slow and Steady doesn’t win this race

Top performers may charge a higher hourly rate, but they generally work faster. Slow work from a cheaper provider can end up costing you a lot more, cause more downtime, and result in not-so-great customer experiences

Don’t let slow providers keep your customers waiting on crucial assets and services. Choose a trade to see how much faster top providers can be.

Want to meet your local top performers?

The best of the best.

Whether you are looking for reliable technicians to help reopen your stores, or need a speedy vendor to respond to emergency cleanings, ServiceChannel Scout can help you connect with the best providers. Thanks to our robust data across all trades and performance metrics, ServiceChannel knows which providers perform better. Here are some examples.

Find your superstar providers.

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Don’t lose another minute to poor performance. Build your provider network on the industry’s most comprehensive vendor data.

No matter what metric you care about most, our experts will suggest providers matched to your specific business needs.

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