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Case Study: DYNE Hospitality Group

The largest operator of the Tropical Smoothie Cafe franchise realizes superior service outcomes while expanding into new markets.

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October 26, 2023

  • EXPERIENCED SAVINGS across all key trades despite a 15% average invoice cost increase due to inflation

  • TRIPLED SERVICE PROVIDER SCORES for on-time arrivals, first-time completions, and check-in compliance

  • SUCCESSFULLY EXPANDED into new markets through streamlined operations and top-provider sourcing

Quantifiable Results
  • improvement in overall HVAC repair service provider scores

  • reduction in kitchen equipment spend

“I couldn’t think of another way to manage facilities without ServiceChannel.“

Michael Anderson
Facilities Manager at DYNE Hospitality Group


DYNE Hospitality Group is the largest Tropical Smoothie Cafe franchisee. Its core company value is to be “first-in-class” in providing an excellent Tropical Smoothie Cafe experience for its customers on every visit.  

Michael Anderson, DYNE’s one-person facilities manager, works tirelessly to deliver on this core brand value by driving operational excellence. In his day-to-day, Michael oversees facilities management for 100 Tropical Smoothie Cafes. His top priority is to keep each location looking its best and always operating efficiently.


With its rapidly expanding portfolio of cafes and only one on-the-ground facilities manager, DYNE needed help scaling its operations and identifying high-quality local service providers to maintain equipment and utility services. As Michael Anderson explains, “In [working with] previous brands, working with capital equipment, you had no direction. You didn’t know where to go. We didn’t know what to replace.”   

  • Bandwidth limitations in addressing repair and maintenance issues with only one facilities manager  
  • Growth in new small community markets required identifying and managing high-quality service providers  
  • No visibility on capital equipment performance and maintenance costs   

“ServiceChannel has given us complete visibility into what is costing us the most money and if it should be replaced.”

Michael Anderson
Facilities Manager at DYNE Hospitality Group


By implementing the ServiceChannel platform, DYNE was able to scale operational processes across all its cafe locations — from creating work orders and the invoice approval process, to finding local service providers, and tracking equipment maintenance costs for capital planning.  “ServiceChannel has given us complete transparency and visibility into what is costing us the most money and if it should be replaced,” says Michael. 

With ServiceChannel, DYNE’s streamlined operations have allowed them to grow into new locations more easily. And as new locations come online in smaller communities, Michael turns to ServiceChannel’s Provider Search to build a roster of high-performing local service providers. By leveraging the Contractor Scorecard, he can quickly identify providers that are a good fit for each cafe’s needs. “If we weren’t using Provider Search, we’d be flipping through the Yellow Pages.” 



Michael now has complete visibility 100% of the time into every asset, work order, and service provider, which gives him the power to gain efficiency in spending and decision-making. For Michael, this feeling of assurance and confidence that everything is running smoothly is priceless, “I can actually go have dinner with my wife. If I’m on the ball field with my son, I don’t have to worry if something just went down; I don’t have to drop everything I’m doing.” 

  • Gained full visibility into equipment maintenance and related costs 
  • Increased operational efficiency, costs control, and insights and reporting 
  • Reduced service provider response times from days to hours by leveraging Provider Search 
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