The Heat Is On! – NewsChannel, January 2016

The Heat Is On! – NewsChannel, January 2016


Customer Spotlight

CorePower Yoga

CPYLogo.jpgDenver-based CorePower Yoga is taking the yoga industry by storm. With more than 130 studios, CorePower has a studio from Tempe, Arizona to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Honolulu, Hawaii. As Director of Facilities, Brian Peoples is responsible for putting together the programs and processes that take care of all the company’s financial needs from a facilities perspective. As Brian says, “Facilities Management allows studio managers to focus on growing their business and tending to the needs of our yoga instructors as well as their students.” Brian’s goal: to build one of the top facilities programs in the country. As they say in the yoga studio, this is a good place to take a deep breath and exhale.Brian’s greatest challenge is “building something from scratch in an environment that has not seen a facilities program. There are costs to starting something up and lots of education that needs to take place.” CorePower Yoga uses ServiceChannel technology as a bridge from the studios to corporate to vendors “so that everyone,” as Brian says, “has the same information at their finger tips.” To ensure CorePower’s customers get what they are paying for, Brian is responsible for supplying heat and humidity. Because their classrooms range from 85-105°F with humidity levels reaching 35%, Brian needs to ensure that when temperatures dip, the issue gets fixed ASAP. Thanks to ServiceChannel, studios can open a work order with all the pertinent information and it goes directly to the HVAC vendor, who dispatches a tech to remedy the problem.

BPeoples.pngBrian refers to ServiceChannel technology as his “one stop shop! ServiceChannel houses everything in one place that is accessible and easy for everyone to use.” CorePower Yoga uses conference calls and onsite interaction to train employees. LearningChannel, ServiceChannel’s online training, also plays an important role in training. Brian has directed corporate users, new vendors, and studio managers to the online training module.  

Brian believes the key to working effectively with contractors is to be “as transparent as possible. ServiceChannel allows me to speak to them about their performance, rates and business, which is all backed up with information located in ServiceChannel.” To which we say: Good job, Brian! You should go into Warrior pose! 

Employee Spotlight

Pen Collector, Coffee Aficionado and Artist… Meet Joe Rugilio


Joe Rugilio has one of the highest visibility jobs at ServiceChannel. As Director of UX (UX standing for User Experience) since late 2013, Joe is charged with focusing on helping ServiceChannel customers by making products as simple and easy to use as possible. Whenever a customer uses a ServiceChannel service, Joe’s fingerprints are right beside them.

Joe takes a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to design and interface. Joe says he utilizes “two main methods that are both simple and very powerful. The first is known as ‘user-centered’ and the second is called a ‘data-informed’ approach. When these two approaches are combined, the design is infused with a little bit of art and science.” Joe believes it is vitally important to listen to customers, discuss business processes, review prototypes, and collect data from surveys and other sources. He says, “Guided by the combination of data analysis and customer input, we’ve streamlined some new work flows for very common tasks, as seen in the Actionable Home Page and new designs we’re exploring for all of our reports pages. We’re very lucky because our customers are so engaged in our process.”

Joe embodies a variety of interests. He is a pen collector, coffee aficionado and an artist. In Joe’s understated words, he “draws, paints and makes things.” Joe has not only had his work displayed in galleries, he has had items in magazines from Elle Decor to Architectural Digest. And as you can already see from his work at ServiceChannel, Joe is big into teamwork and collaboration. In one of the ultimate testaments to working together, Joe was part of a team that was awarded a patent “for executing tasks.” Not bad for a guy who says he makes things!


Interactive courses led by expert instructors on ServiceChannel products. These courses are perfect for when you need a refresher, when you have a new employee onboarding, or when you want to learn best practices to get the most out of our products. Each course lists the skill level necessary (from Beginner to Advanced) and the target audience, so you can mix and match courses based on your needs.

Available Courses

Jan 12 – The Power of Analytics
Jan 5 – Dashboard 101: How to Use the Service Request Dashboard
Jan 14 – Service Automation Reports and QuickView
Jan 7 – A Day in the Life of a Facility Manager: WO Creation & Mgmt
Jan 21 – PMs (Preventive Maintenance) Module: An Overview
Jan 12- RFPs, Proposals, and QuickView
Jan 14 – Invoicing and Invoice Reports


Featured Product

Custom Analytics

Screen_Shot_2015-12-22_at_8.51.59_AM-1.pngAnalytics, powered by GoodData business intelligence technology, delivers impactful, visual-based, customized analytics with historical, current and predictive views of business operations. Now that you’re capturing all this valuable operational data, what are you doing with it? Facilities Managers and others increasingly face the challenge of making decisions without an easy and quick way to access information and data. Gain operational insights from actionable data, and access 15 years of independent industry data to create better benchmarking and best practices. Learn more. 


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Wednesday, January 13, 2016 
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ServiceChannel Restaurant User Group
March 16, 2016 (Nashville, TN)
*Date coincides with RFMA 2016

ServiceChannel Retail User Group
April 24, 2016 (Long Beach, CA)
*Date coincides with PRSM 2016

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Tip of the Month

Custom Fields for Categories

image-22.pngDid you know you can add custom fields for different categories when approving invoices? With the Invoice Manager, you can reduce invoice & processing costs and shorten invoice approval time. An account administrator can customize fields by going to “Accounting” and “Additional approval fields” in admin. And voila! You have customized your categories. 

For You, About You

TakeaTour.gifLearn how ServiceChannel helps automate the repair and maintenance process for FMs. Learn more.

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