Guardian Fueling Technologies— Ease of Invoicing with ServiceChannel Keeps Their Customers Happy

Guardian Fueling Technologies— Ease of Invoicing with ServiceChannel Keeps Their Customers Happy

In the Southeast, the name Guardian Fueling Technologies is synonymous with solutions for petroleum equipment and fluid-handling needs. Guardian is a licensed Petroleum Contractor, specializing in fuel systems, as well as a licensed Building Contractor and licensed mechanical contractor. Guardian is a distributor for best-in-class PEI manufacturers.

It’s a vital market in the coastal states, which are abundant with retail fuel, marina, and fleet customers. Marlana Nicolitz is a finance manager with Guardian. She’s responsible for having all employees perform at top efficiency and accuracy, and making sure all customers are happy.  But happiness isn’t always easy to achieve. As Marlana says, “There’s not enough time in the day to get everything done!” Marlana stays hyperfocused on “staying the course,” and motivating employees, and keeping those customers happy.

So what does it take to keep customers happy? One thing is ease of invoicing. Guardian’s customers use ServiceChannel.  Marlana likes ServiceChannel technology and the “ease of one portal for multiple customers.  I just copy and paste features between customers.”  Saving time makes Marlana happy! Another time-saver? Marlana does everything electronically: “It is the fastest and most accurate way to track what happens along the process.”

The main focus of Guardian is selling equipment and parts for gas stations and then servicing that equipment. They also invest in people, training, and technology, while keeping a caring eye on customers and the industry.  “We hire and develop great people. It’s the most important thing we can do.” To train employees, Marlana relies on Guardian’s standard operating procedures training guides. She supplements that with ServiceChannel’s contractor training modules.

And when the day is done, what else would someone who lives near the water do? Marlana heads for the surf to engage in water sports. And her favorite rides are those that don’t need petroleum fuel — it’s horses that this Florida gal favors.