Keep operations energy efficient, compliant, and environmentally (and budget) friendly.

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Greener facilities can be better for business

Sustainable facilities management practices can ultimately decrease costs, improve operational performance and deliver on the expectations that customers have for their preferred brands today. Find out below how running on ServiceChannel enables companies to bring their buildings and Facilities into a more sustainable future.  

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ServiceChannel’s refrigerant tracking technology enables us to provide a healthy and clean environment for our customers and reduce carbon emissions, while saving money on energy costs and remaining compliant.
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Improve energy efficiency while boosting asset performance

Well-maintained equipment runs more efficiently. Our platform automates regular preventive maintenance to keep assets up and running using less energy, which helps you avoid downtime and product loss. Data-driven insights determine which assets, across any number of locations, need to be replaced, to keep you from continuing to operate inefficient, energy-hungry, older units.

Reduce your environmental impact while staying compliant

Instead of trying to keep up, you can stay ahead of environmental regulations. Maintaining your facilities with ServiceChannel enables reduced leakage and safe disposal of chemicals. Plus, the Refrigerant Tracking Manager makes eco-friendly compliance easy by monitoring refrigerant use, scheduling automatic verifications and inspections, and even generating Green Chill certifications.

Decrease emissions and costs through drastically fewer truck miles

Lower your carbon footprint while saving money. ServiceChannel can help you reduce service providers miles traveled by 40-50%. Truck rolls are eliminated through smart dispatch avoidance, accurate issue identification, work order bundling and need-based over time-based maintenance, along with identifying service providers with better first time resolution rates.

Maximize the lifespan of all equipment and materials

Every item installed in your facilities should be as useful as possible for as long as possible. By offering insight into material and asset durability and maintenance costs, the ServiceChannel Platform enables smarter purchasing decisions and less frequent replacements. By guiding proactive maintenance, including strategic asset rotation, we help you extend asset lifespans for all kinds of equipment.

Maintain critical green energy sources

An increasing number of companies are investing in onsite green energy production in order to reduce their overall carbon footprint. The added benefits of this include eligibility for tax credits and direct control over their energy mix. These systems, including solar panels, and geothermal and energy storage, can require complex maintenance. ServiceChannel ensures that facility teams and technicians are well-equipped with the correct asset, part and service information.

Spot wasteful spend to free up funds for greener budgets

Get more budget flexibility by tracking your entire facilities’ spend on a single platform. When you can instantly see cost hot spots and optimize spend on assets and providers, you free up budget that can be redirected to green initiatives. A data-driven budget can turn facilities into a sustainability-driving function.