Keep operations energy efficient, compliant, and environmentally (and budget) friendly.

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Think green, beyond just design and construction.

These days, being a green business takes more than just building energy efficient locations. It also means proactively monitoring assets to maximize their lifecycle and minimize their energy use. With everything from automatically tracking refrigerant use to identifying ways that you can redirect spend to new green initiatives, we’ll help you build the brand today’s customers expect.   

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ServiceChannel’s refrigerant tracking technology enables us to provide a healthy and clean environment for our customers and reduce carbon emissions, while saving money on energy costs and remaining compliant.
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Give assets more energy efficiency and longer lives.

The ServiceChannel platform makes it easy to monitor assets across your locations. Our platform automates regular preventive maintenance to keep them running efficiently, use less energy, and extend their lifecycle.  Our IoT integration also automates proactive work orders from failing assets like HVAC and refrigerators. Repair them before they waste extra energy or break down — so you don’t lose downtime, or product, in a meltdown. 

Show customers your commitment to sustainability.

Ensure that every location uses approved, eco-friendly supplies which your location staff can easily order from a central catalog. You can also monitor and manage central checklists to make sure everyone follows your brand’s green practices. If anything does go wrong, our integrated work order management helps you initiate a fix quickly, ensuring that your commitment to eco-friendly practices is always going strong.    

Stay cool and compliant with automated Refrigerant Tracking.

ServiceChannel Refrigerant Tracking Manager makes it easy to capture all your required refrigerant use with every service call. It even schedules automatic verifications and inspections, and generates a Green Chill certification. Now it’s no sweat to stay compliant with environmental regulations like EPA 608 — to avoid big fines, stay eco-friendly, and build a stronger greener brand. 

Spot wasteful spend to free-up funds for greener budgets.

Get more budget flexibility by tracking your entire facilities’ spend on a single platform. You can instantly see cost hot spots for both assets and providers, and optimize your spend with smarter repair and replace decisions. By better managing your spend, you can redirect investments to more energy efficient assets — and score a financial win-win.