Manage both internal technicians and providers from one platform.

Double up on streamlining your workflow with the #1 Facilities Management Platform. Now all your technicians can work from the same screen. You get complete visibility, more control, less risk, and richer insights, so you can keep everyone accountable to the same performance standards — your highest.

Benefits for Your Business

Make provider relationships a win-win.

With our Contractor Scorecard it’s easy to measure performance and cost based on detailed metrics. You can make smarter hiring decisions, while providers can improve their performance — and grow their business. 

Give internal technicians the inside
info they need.

Give techs the power to do it all from our mobile app. Now they can create and update work, manage inventory, and see photos of every issue with comments or data from on-site staff, so they spend less time on-site, and you save more money. 

Field Tech Manager - Deep Dive

Field Tech Manager - Deep Dive

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Go from risky to secure, automatically.

ServiceChannel automatically checks provider credentials and insurance so you’ll always stay compliant. Then when they arrive on-site, you can set specific check-in rules for staff to ensure that only authorized providers get access to your locations.