Go from costly “cut a check” to complete payment control.

Manually processing checks can cost up to $20 each, and cost hundreds of hours in inquiry calls per month. ServiceChannel automates your payment workflow and gives a single payment status view to accounts payable, FMs and providers. You’ll know exactly who’s being paid, and when, to keep provider relationships healthy, and your budget intact.

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Probably our biggest and our easiest sell on ROI from ServiceChannel was discontinuing the payment of so many individual paper invoices and the amount of savings we would incur by switching to electronic payments. We saved over $430k in processing costs, materials, and labor
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Benefits for Your Business

Put costly manual payment
inquiries in the past.

From review, to approvals, to payment, automate every step of your payment process. Then give everyone the ability to see exactly where invoices are in the process, so your providers can stop calling, and know instantly with a click.

Payment Manager - Deep Dive

Payment Manager - Deep Dive

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More options to save more money.

Take advantage of streamlining your payment process by paying invoices early to get the most out of negotiated provider discounts. You can also choose to automate payments with corporate cards and take advantage of incentives.

Timing is everything,
so pay on your schedule.

Take maximum control of your budget by timing each payment, and paying providers based on your business needs. Want to strengthen relationships? Accelerate payment. Need to control cash flow? Defer paying. It’s easy, and it’s up to you.