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What is enterprise facility management software?

With so much riding on the customer experience, facility managers need to know what is happening inside their locations in real-time. Whether you’re managing a multi-location company within retail, restaurants, grocery, fitness or any other vertical,  you realize how important it is to keep tabs on building operations. So, property managers are increasingly turning to new enterprise asset management (EAM) technologies to get clarity and understanding of what is happening in their spaces.

Enterprise facility management software is a digital solution that allows organizations to manage business operations across multiple locations and networks. This software allows leadership to organize the operations within a location. Also, the tools help management track assets and analyze that data.. These programs are designed to streamline complex workflows and communications. In using an enterprise facility management tool, facilities managers can simplify their wide range of responsibilities, while increasing efficiency.

Why does a company need enterprise facility management software?

Those who are tasked with overseeing the real estate repair and maintenance needs of an enterprise could have hundreds of work orders happening on any given day. In order to manage the service providers and internal technicians helping solve these issues, facilities managers use a facility management solution to track and communicate about all work orders. An enterprise facility management tool can automate a number of important tasks. This project management tool is completely customizable based on the company’s industry and key operations software already being used. Let’s talk about how managers can incorporate facility management tools into their workforces. 

Asset Management 

Enterprise facility management tools help companies keep track of the health of all assets ( equipment) as well as scheduling, maintenance requests, and more. Tracking asset life and seeing data-driven reports on facility operations allows facilities managers to stay informed and make strategic decisions. 

Inventory Overview

Facilities management software maintains a company’s inventory database and can track what is being used on a daily basis. Enterprise asset management tools give companies the ability to have an overview of all inventory, tools, parts, resources, active orders, energy use, and more. 

Equipment Maintenance 

Typically, organizations have thousands of pieces of equipment to manage in any given facility. Depending on the type of facility in question, that number is sure to fluctuate regularly. As a result, it is important to have an efficient process in place for managing all maintenance and work requests. A facility management solution allows maintenance technicians to track and evaluate the state of equipment, as well as assign maintenance tasks and order replacement parts when necessary. In using this technology, companies can lower maintenance costs and have better energy management

Administrative Task Processing

Enterprise facility management tools allow an organization to track and organize administrative documents and processes. Companies can also use the tool to collect and store human resource data of workers and contractors, as well as invoices, contracts, work order processes, reports, and more. 

Data Analysis

These tools provide accurate data gathering and critical analysis capabilities. Managers can track historical data as well as statistics on work orders and maintenance requests. Through analyzing this information, facilities managers can get full visibility and see a big picture of the state of a facility

Cross-Platform Property Management 

Facility management technology allows a company to organize and monitor all functions in one digital dashboard and mobile application. This way, managers can keep their building plans with them on the go and keep tabs on in-process projects from their mobile devices

Key Benefits of Using an Enterprise Facility Management Tool

Enterprise facility management software is essential to running a seamless and efficient business. This software gives managers peace of mind in knowing that facilities are running smoothly, even from a distance. Other benefits of enterprise facility management software include: 

  •     Simplified Operations: Facilities management software is used to automate tasks, consolidate workflows, and track the movement of all assets
  •     Advanced Collaboration: By automating all processes, these tools enable teams to work together seamlessly on projects. Increased teamwork can then lead to increased productivity.  
  •     Reduced Operational Costs: By tracking an enterprise’s spend, facilities management software allows a company to see where its money is going and make strategic decisions based on that data. As a result, this can lower operational costs and increase revenue
  •     Improved Enterprise Efficiency: By keeping a handle on all on-site operations, the tool can optimize operational efficiency and show management see where changes need to be made.

Frequently Asked Questions about Enterprise Facility Management Software

Real estate and facility managers have many things to consider when deciding what kind of tools they need to run their businesses. Here are some frequently asked questions about enterprise facilities management so you can decide what option is best for you.

What are enterprise facility management tools, and what do they do? 

Enterprise facilities management software is used to control the daily project management operations of a facility, such as a government organization or residential complex. Property managers rely on enterprise facility management software to track everything happening inside a building—from energy consumption to equipment layout, asset usage, and maintenance work orders. Not only do facilities management tools allow property managers to track and assign tasks, but the software allows managers to be in the know on what is happening inside a building ever when they are not present.

How do enterprise facilities management systems help a business succeed? 

Enterprise facilities management tools can track everything happening inside of a location. This data can then be used by management to pinpoint critical trends such as energy management and key performance indicators. The technology can also analyze energy consumption and make recommendations for management to indicate where to cut services if necessary.

What can I track with an enterprise facilities management tool? 

Depending on your business needs, a facilities management tool can be used to track everything from current inventory, critical assets, maintenance requests and workflows, employee and personnel information, administrative documents, contractor information, a building’s internal layout, and more.

How can implementing a facilities management system cut costs and save my company money? 

By implementing a facilities management system, company leadership can expect to make their organization’s operations more efficient. In streamlining activities and improving company-wide efficiency, leadership can identify areas of improvement and make data-driven decisions to minimize expenses and spend.

What should I consider when purchasing an enterprise facility management tool for my company? 

When purchasing a comprehensive facilities management tool, you must first identify the issues you are looking to solve. It is critical to envision how you want the tool to perform and what you specifically are looking for in terms of how it integrates with your company. Once you know what kind of services you need, you can determine which tools and price points you are comfortable with. 

How Service Channel Can Help

The leader in enterprise facility management software and contractor sourcing, ServiceChannel allows  you manage all maintenance activity from a single platform. Our knowledgeable team is standing by to answer your important questions and help you choose the best facility management software solution. ServiceChannel can meet your unique business needs, with a tool that offers you peace of mind about your facility  performance at every location.