Platform Data Insights

The data speaks a thousand words

With the rich data tracked in ServiceChannel as a guide, brands ensure a reliable customer experience at every location, while making smart decisions about facilities spend.

And by combining the data from over 500 brands across our platform, ServiceChannel has access to unique industry intelligence unavailable anywhere else. The data tells us where to save costs, which providers to source, and when to replace assets.

Check out insights from our platform data below. What story is your data telling you?

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With ServiceChannel we now have data-driven information to help decide which providers to work with — and how much we should pay.
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Lower rates don't mean lower costs.

Our data on 70k providers shows you need to look beyond labor rates to choose the best ones. Labor time matters more than hourly rates.

How do you stack up on facilities spend?

Half of QSR restaurant brands in CA spend <$30k per location. See our Facilities Benchmark Report to find savings opportunities based on our industry data.

Janitorial trade volume increased 73%

2020 meant more cleaning and less plowing. Our platform data shows major shifts in what brands needed to do for their locations.

Is your facilities data telling you what you need to know?

Are you buying reliable kitchen equipment?

When your kitchen equipment breaks down, your customer satisfaction cools off.

We analyzed repair data and found some brands need to be fixed twice as often as others. Procurement decisions can make a big impact on your kitchen uptime—and revenues.


Look to the data for updating budgets

How are you forecasting your facilities spend for 2021?

Our data for 2020 shows that grocers shifted their budgets as shopping rapidly evolved, with customers expecting safe and clean locations and buying more on each trip.


What records did you set in 2020?

We know 2020 kept you busy. Here’s a couple of records we saw on the ServiceChannel platform during the year.


Focus on faulty assets that cost the most

Do you know which asset hotspots are burning up your budget?

Across 3.2 million assets managed on ServiceChannel, this equipment was particularly expensive to keep running in 2020.


Are you prepared for weather emergencies?

Snow or shine, sales must go on. Brands ordered over 34k snow removals in the week of Jan 27 to Feb 2, 2021.

Are your costs too high?

The data has answers. Use our Facilities Benchmark Report to see how you compare to other restaurants.

Shine a light on hidden trends

What’s lurking in the data? How about bats creating way more havoc than squirrels, with alligators making their mark, too! When you have data on your facilities, you spend less time being surprised by squirrely situations, and more time taking action.

Keep your food fresh and customers happy

What’s it cost to keep food cold? ❄️💸 Refrigeration is one of the costliest trades for restaurants. Our Facilities Benchmark Report shows how your repair spend compares to the quick-service restaurant industry.

Are you saving with supplier competition?

When suppliers have to compete to keep your business, you get lower costs and higher quality. Service providers are no exception. We analyzed brands that regularly change service providers to see the results they get from the competition — and we found a big difference.

How much does a top plumber save you?

Are you working with the best service providers – or bottom-ranked ones? Restaurants that work with the top plumbing performers save 42% in California – with better speed and quality, too.

How costly are emergencies?

How many of your repair calls are true emergencies? 📞🚨 If it isn’t disrupting sales or risking customer safety, then you shouldn’t take on the 21% higher cost. For grocers, refrigeration repairs make up 45% of all emergency repair calls – but preventative maintenance could be a more cost-effective approach.

Are your warranties going to waste?

Are you paying for repairs that should be covered under warranty? Do you even know? You can save more than 50% in asset repair costs by using certified warranty providers. ServiceChannel automatically routes repairs to the warranty provider, so you can save on spend without a second thought.


Are you getting peak refrigeration performance?

Refrigeration equipment is costly, and it’s critical for sales. See our Facilities Benchmark Report to find out how your repair speed and spend compare to the grocery industry overall.

Grocery stores that work with the top refrigeration performers pay less.

Grocery stores that work with the top refrigeration performers get 79% faster repairs – and they pay lower costs. See how much you could reduce asset downtime in our Facilities Benchmark Report.

Are your costs too high? We have answers.

Refrigeration racks are critical for serving customers, but they’re also the most costly asset to keep running. Use our Facilities Benchmark Report to see how you compare to other grocers.

How do you stack up on facilities spend?

Half of grocery brands spend <$1.71 per square foot. See our Facilities Benchmark Report to find savings opportunities based on your industry peers.

What Data Are You Missing?

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