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Platform Data Insights

The data speaks a thousand words

With the rich data tracked in ServiceChannel as a guide, brands ensure a reliable customer experience at every location, while making smart decisions about facilities spend.

And by combining the data from over 500 brands across our platform, ServiceChannel has access to unique industry intelligence unavailable anywhere else. The data tells us where to save costs, which providers to source, and when to replace assets.

Check out insights from our platform data below. What story is your data telling you?

The Industry's Richest Data with 70,000 Providers - 130 Million Work Orders - 4.7 Billion performance data points tracked annually
Outback Steakhouse restaurant at night with illuminated exterior from parking lot interior of an Aldi's grocery store focusing on the produce section filled with assorted fruits and vegetables

With ServiceChannel we now have data-driven information to help decide which providers to work with — and how much we should pay.

Spencer Peterson
Bloomin Brands

ServiceChannel Refrigerant Tracking enables us to provide a healthy and clean environment for our customers while saving money on energy costs and remaining compliant.

Craig DeGroat
Maintenance Manager, Tops Friendly Markets


Prior to ServiceChannel, we were very reactive. We had a false sense of control over costs. Now we can be more proactive with data.

Jeffrey Luna
Director of Real Estate, ALDI

If you want to improve on your providers and save on cost, this is definitely something that your company should look into.

Jackie Schmollinger
Save A Lot Facilities Manager

Lower rates don’t mean lower costs.

Our data on 70k providers shows you need to look beyond labor rates to choose the best ones. Labor time matters more than hourly rates.

Lower rates don't mean lower costs - comparing average invoice total over two different hourly rates

How do you stack up on facilities spend?

Half of QSR restaurant brands in CA spend <$30k per location. See our Facilities Benchmark Report to find savings opportunities based on our industry data.

Spend on facilities by QSR brands mapped over an arrow demonstrating a dollar range

Janitorial trade volume increased 73%

2020 meant more cleaning and less plowing. Our platform data shows major shifts in what brands needed to do for their locations.

Trades with largest changes in work order volume mapped over janitorial and snow removal from 2019 to 2020

Are you buying reliable kitchen equipment?

When your kitchen equipment breaks down, your customer satisfaction cools off. We analyzed repair data and found some brands need to be fixed twice as often as others. Procurement decisions can make a big impact on your kitchen uptime—and revenues.

Kitchen equipment reliability by brand compared over repairs per asset

Are you working with the best? Find out now.

With our Provider Upgrade Calculator, you can compare the difference in quality, speed, and costs between the bottom 25% and the top 25% service providers for selected regions and trades.