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Find Top Performing Restaurant Maintenance Providers and Get Better Work Done

As restaurant sales rebound after a challenging period for the industry, it’s more important than ever that businesses have what they need to make customers happy. For that reason, eating establishments need reliable restaurant service providers to stay at a peak operational state.

While restaurants themselves focus on operations that involve serving food, they can’t do that without the support of a secondary network of restaurant providers. That group includes equipment suppliers and repairmen.

A well-run kitchen doesn’t happen by accident. Cooks have the ability to prepare quality meals because owners/managers ensure that grease traps get cleaned on a regular schedule. In addition, restaurants can ensure they’re always prepared for an inspection by having someone inspect the refrigerator and freezer controls to ensure food doesn’t get contaminated. 

ServiceChannel’s Service Provider marketplace allows restaurants to locate restaurant maintenance providers that help them stay on top of issues that might impact restaurant operations, like finding a reliable person to come out and inspect fire alarms. That way, the establishment can stay up and running, even when things get difficult.

Benefits of Using the Service Provider Marketplace to Source Top Restaurant Maintenance Providers

Running a restaurant takes a lot of time and focus. For that reason, owners and managers need a way to efficiently evaluate restaurant service providers. The ServiceChannel platform pulls in data on local commercial restaurant contractors and other professionals into a centralized platform.

That way, restaurant owners and managers don’t have to go to multiple sources to track down information about different vendors. Instead, ServiceChannel provides them with everything they need to know about restaurant contractors in one place.

Evaluate Different Vendors

Using the ServiceChannel Platform provides restaurant owners with a single source for tracking and managing restaurant service providers. Our solution lets you access the Service Provider Marketplace, to compare multiple restaurant contractors based on the metrics you provide. That way, you get a more accurate assessment of how well different vendors could fit your current needs. If you’re not happy with the service you’re receiving from a current restaurant provider, use the ServiceChannel platform to locate someone better via the Marketplace. 

Receive Customized Recommendations Based on Your Specific Priorities

When you become one of our ServiceChannel Managed solution customers, we take on the work of finding the best restaurant contractors to fit your business needs. We review various metrics to proactively locate restaurant providers rated the highest for different locations. You get paired with providers capable of delivering for your restaurant, including for services like kitchen equipment repair, trash pickup, deep cleaning, and oil pickup. 

Track Evolving Metrics

After completing the restaurant service provider onboarding process, ServiceChannel continues managing all data around each provider. That helps us spot trends like declining service by a restaurant contractor before it leads to issues for your business. In addition, ServiceChannel offers performance-based coaching to service providers within the network. That way, they get the help needed to improve their KPIs. If necessary, we also help clients make restaurant service provider changes.

Manage Restaurant Maintenance Providers Within a Single Platform

You can manage your internal and external restaurant service providers within one platform with ServiceChannel. That makes it easy for you to locate someone to perform preventative maintenance or come take care of a facility emergency. In addition, ServiceChannel can optimize any services you need through our software solution.

Find the Right Service Provider for Your Restaurant

Use the ServiceChannel Marketplace to locate the best commercial restaurant contractors in your area. We don’t try to cut corners by only signing up the cheapest providers. Instead, our primary focus is always providing you with access to the best in the business.

For that reason, ServiceChannel uses unbiased data that accounts for various factors that matter to restaurant owners. We base our recommendations on a scorecard derived from the results of that data analysis. Because restaurant managers and owners know they’re getting the best people available, they can focus on providing quality service to restaurant customers.

3 Ways to Shop for Restaurant Maintenance Providers on Service Channel

Provider Network Upgrade With Scout

Scout’s Provider Network Upgrade is a powerful tool that helps you assess commercial restaurant contractors. The solution offers a free provider assessment to benchmark how your current network ranks against top Marketplace performers. You can also get a glimpse at how much you could save on costs and business downtime.

Provider Search

Those running their facilities on the ServiceChannel Platform can use the Provider Search feature, an easy and effective way to locate top-performing restaurant service providers. Use the solution to review data around cost savings, quality, speed, and the business qualifications of different restaurant contractors.

ServiceChannel thoroughly verifies the information on each provider, which means that clients can feel confident that they’re getting access to dependable vendors. That cuts down on the time you need to spend searching for new providers, leaving you free to start forging good business relationships with vendors.

ServiceChannel Managed

ServiceChannel Managed customers receive access to the highest-performing providers within the restaurant industry. We do the work of pairing your brand with the best vendors capable of meeting the unique needs of your restaurant business. That gives facilities and operations leaders more time to focus on providing quality experiences for their guests.

See Valuable Results

Are you aware of what kind of improved outcomes you can see by upgrading providers?

Here’s one example of our data in action, where we measure the difference between the top and bottom quartile of refrigeration providers:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Restaurant Service Provider?

Restaurant service providers are contractors that help restaurants carry out repair and maintenance activities. They provide restaurants with services like plumbing, grease trap cleaning, preventative maintenance, and equipment repair.

How Does ServiceChannel Assess Their Restaurant Service Providers?

We rely on a collection of unbiased reporting that collects data focused on multiple restaurant service provider metrics. Then, ServiceChannel uses that information to create a scorecard for restaurant contractors based on cost, efficiency, quality, certifications, and other factors.

Why Should I Use a ServiceChannel Recommended Provider?

ServiceChannel recommended restaurant service providers have undergone rigorous data vetting to ensure we’re providing clients with the best combination of quality and affordability.

How Do I Know Which Restaurant Service Provider is Right for My Business?

ServiceChannel scorecards help restaurant owners identify restaurant contractors who score the highest based on criteria focused on KPIs important to your business.