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Facilities Management App

The modern facilities manager has to wear many hats and managing the day-to-day operations can be overwhelming. When choosing a facilities management software program, you should consider if that software has a mobile application, and whether that application can perform functions that will make your job more efficient and cost effective. A facilities management app helps companies manage their assets, such as buildings and equipment. It provides information about usage, warranties, workplace productivity, maintenance, and maintenance schedules and is accessible from anywhere via a smartphone or tablet. It can help teams and companies be more productive and save money.

Benefits of A Facilities Management App

A good facilities management app allows facilities managers to perform maintenance and repair functions, track space usage, and analyze spending patterns all on the go, from inside the app.

Work From Anywhere
The introduction of mobile apps has allowed facilities managers to gain insights into their facilities no matter where they are physically located. For example, companies with multiple facilities in several different geographic areas can save significant time and money by scheduling maintenance and generating work orders directly from their phone or tablet. This allows a more streamlined approach to maintenance scheduling that doesn’t rely on a facilities manager being present at every location. Additionally, a facilities management app can allow for the better supervision of contractors and improved communication between team members through instant contact.

Streamline Your Operations
By having a mobile app with access to your facilities management software, facilities managers are able to be more agile and efficient. With team members and facilities located across the globe, apps make it possible to communicate in-app and ensure that any facilities needs that arise are quickly and properly taken care of. If your refrigerator goes out and needs emergency maintenance, you can quickly get the right contractor connected with that facility. A facilities management app, like the one ServiceChannel provides,  allows your team to respond to the actual facilities conditions in real time and quickly share relevant information.

Extend Asset Lifespan
Facilities management software keeps equipment working optimally by proactively scheduling maintenance and repairs. It also keeps track of maintenance records and any planned maintenance activities. Having access to this information through a mobile app ensures that you stay up to date with any planned maintenance activities. Additionally, the right software can automatically scheduled planned maintenance for your facilities assets that can be monitored through the mobile application. 

Reduce Costs
Companies are able to reduce costs and make a positive impact on their bottom line when they choose a facilities management software with a mobile app. Companies save money by having less downtime because it keeps equipment running optimally and allows team members to generate work orders from anywhere when repairs are necessary. The app also keeps track of warranty information, so companies avoid paying for covered repairs. A robust app, like ServiceChannel’s, also allows companies to maintain control over the purchase of materials, saving money. Many also eliminate software updates and remove the need to support additional hardware, which results in savings.

Facilities Management App Features

A robust facilities management app typically has several features that enable it to provide functions that enhance the operation of your facilities and allow facilities managers to operate more efficiently. 

Maintenance Management
The system keeps track of maintenance schedules and automates processes such as issuing or routing work orders and keeping track of contractor information. For example, the ServiceChannel facilities management app tracks when routine maintenance should occur for the equipment to perform optimally and then tracks when maintenance is actually performed.

Asset Management
A facilities management app will keep a digital inventory of multiple classes of assets, such as refrigerators, HVAC systems, and machinery. The digital archive will include information such as date of purchase, warranty, and maintenance information. The app also can provide a map mirroring your physical plant that shows the location of each asset. Facilities managers are able to ensure that the necessary parts are in stock for vital equipment in order to avoid lengthy downtimes. 

Sustainability Analysis
A good facilities management app can also help your facilities become more sustainable and energy efficient by monitoring energy use and providing information on operating efficiently while using less energy. It also can monitor assets and provide insights into their performance such as the amount of refrigerant used or ways companies can redirect spending to operate greener. 

Reporting and Analysis
Facilities management apps give your team the ability to track, manage, and analyze your data in order to make timely decisions. Proper data analytics should allow you to see issues and maintenance activities based on location, spend, or asset. ServiceChannel analytics compiles your data into dynamic insights allowing your team full visibility into everything going on in your facilities in order to make strategic decisions. 
When you become a ServiceChannel customer, you also gain access to  all of these functions in our robust facilities management app. ServiceChannel provides a best-in-class application experience allowing you to seamlessly integrate into your existing workflows and manage your facilities from anywhere. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a facilities management app?

A facilities management app helps streamline the process of maintaining and optimizing assets throughout all company locations by enabling organizations to manage their entire repair and maintenance program remotely. Several types of facilities management apps exist, so when considering a facilities management software consider how their app functions as well. Some offer tracking, management, and reporting, while others provide spending and activities. A robust facilities management app, like ServiceChannel, may offer all these components.

Why should I use a facilities management app?

A facilities management app provides several benefits to your company including saving your company money by reducing equipment downtime, improving communication between your team and contractors, and ensuring equipment operates optimally. Another benefit is that it provides data that management can use to better plan capital expenditures, keep track of warranty information, and manage license information to avoid non-compliance or unnecessary spending. A facilities management app also can provide fully-guided comprehensive site audits and notify contractors immediately should an issue arise.

Finally, an app also allows team members to perform facilities maintenance instructions remotely so that none of these benefits is dependent upon the team member having ready access to a laptop. For example, a team member can use the facilities management app to issue a work order automatically forwarded to the contractor.

Does your app work on Apple and Android products?

Yes, the ServiceChannel mobile app works on both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. It also is easy to use, requiring no technical installation other than downloading it from app stores, and can work on corporate or personal devices. Its download and use are free for customers with ServiceChannel platform licenses.