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Real estate lifecycle management

Accruent and ServiceChannel 

The next generation of real estate lifecycle management is here, with a portfolio of unparalleled solutions that optimize every aspect of your properties, facilities, and assets.

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Transform Your Real Estate Lifecycle Management

Your company wants to design, build, and maintain a real estate portfolio that delivers on your sales and margin targets.  

Now ServiceChannel’s industry-leading facilities management expertise is coming together with Accruent’s comprehensive workplace and asset management capabilities in a suite that scales to drive your business goals. 

From acquisition and planning to maintenance and disposition, you’ll be empowered to make data-driven decisions, optimize processes, and maximize the value of your properties. 

  • Unlock efficiencies

    • Boost employee productivity
    • Streamline processes
    • Execute work orders seamlessly
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    Drive asset performance

    • Sensor-driven asset tracking
    • Reduced downtime
    • Sustainability prioritization
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    Deliver cost savings

    • Visibility to operating costs
    • Negotiate leases with data
    • Avoid paying for landlord responsibilities

Our Portfolio of Solutions 

Accruent: Comprehensive workplace and asset management solutions 

Lucernex: Real Estate Management Software

This intuitive lease and contract management solution gives you the ability to maximize speed to market, increase financial projection accuracy, effectively manage real estate and equipment leases, monitor the transaction lifecycle, and streamline on-site task execution.

  • Maximize speed to market 
  • Simplify portfolio management 
  • Ensure accounting compliance

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Accruent Observe for Energy Management (AOEM) 

With all your energy-related information in a single platform, you have the power to make more data-driven energy decisions, maximize efficiency, achieve your net zero sustainability goals, and meet your company’s performance objectives.

  • Find wasted energy use
  • Track energy cost trends
  • Reduce greenhouse emissions

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vx Observe: IOT Remote Monitoring

With the ability to monitor and manage your assets and infrastructure remotely, you have real-time visibility that allows you to track critical asset and system performance, quickly spot issues, and take action to avoid downtime.

  • Real-time remote monitoring
  • Predict and avoid downtime
  • Condition-based maintenance 

Explore vx Observe: IoT Remote Monitoring

EMS: Workplace Optimization System

Simplify workspace, event, and resource management for diverse scenarios with this flexible scheduling system that allows you to transform any area into a reservable space.

  • Facilitate hybrid work 
  • Optimize space utilization   
  • Increase collaboration  

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Time to level up

Find out how to solve your real estate lifecycle management needs

Tell us about your business goals and we’ll walk you through how Accruent and ServiceChannel’s portfolio can accelerate your progress.