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Work Order Management Scope of Work for SC Managed

In Scope

  • Provide Full Time Call Center Support
  • Confirm Customer and provider acceptance of ETAs for Emergency work orders
  • Monitor open work orders and take action if needed.
  • Redispatch work to alternate providers if needed
  • Manage 1st line escalation
  • Manage scheduled maintenance programs
  • Verify completed work via system-initiated follow-up
  • Assist Customer to resolve unsatisfactory work performed
  • Apply non-technical NTE increases within ServiceChannel’s Managed Level of Authority
  • Document Customers’ workflow standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Escalate issues to Customer as defined by SOPs
  • Review proposals upon provider submission by trade specialists
  • Follow up on invoice audit failures and provider billing inquiries
  • Follow-up on overdue work (return visits, missed ETAs, proposals, et al)
  • Deliver recurring performance reviews to optimize program results
  • Administer the ServiceChannel platform and configurations, as applicable
  • Managing changes in customers’ location list
  • Escalate provider payment issues to customer

Out of Scope

  • Custom workflows 
  • Complex work order triage or routing
  • Interface with or access to systems (such as EMS or BAS) prior to dispatch
  • Direct landlord follow up and notifications (for work where the landlord may be responsible)
  • Manual verification of customized work order requirements (checklists, asset etc.)
  • Coordination of 3rd party visits (i.e., inspectors or entities operating outside the ServiceChannel platform)
  • Support for any work requested outside the ServiceChannel platform
  • Project Management
  • Review of work orders prior to dispatch
  • Follow up on work orders with a $0 NTE