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Top 10 Best Practices

Whether you need to add reliable, quality service providers to fill immediate coverage gaps or grow your network, Provider Search allows you to spend less time searching — and more time building long-term relationships.

  • 1

    Expand your network

    Use Provider Search to grow your network and connect with new providers who have a proven track record of high performance. Use Direct Invite to add your existing providers on ServiceChannel.

  • 2

    Keep an eye on trends

    Measure ongoing performance of your providers against speed, quality, cost, and engagement metrics in the Contractor Scorecard™ for greater accountability and coaching.

  • 3

    Continually optimize

    Subscribers who regularly onboard new providers typically experience lower costs, improved quality, and better overall results. Every company has untapped potential and can save up to 30%!

  • 4

    Be specific

    Define your geographic region and start with specific trades, then expand as needed. Review profiles for nuances to see if they can accommodate any unusual needs.

  • 5

    Ask before inviting

    Use the messaging feature to ask if the provider can meet your needs (e.g., faster turn times). Monitor for answers and, if yes, then invite them to join your network.

  • 6

    Put your best foot forward

    Remember that you’re looking for a new partner, so be polite, respectful, thorough, and clear in your communications to ensure the relationship gets off to a great start.

  • 7

    Be thorough

    Providers respond better when they understand the size and requirements of an opportunity. Edit auto-filled info for accuracy, add important details, note where you may be flexible, and include your contact info for questions.

  • 8

    Follow up on invitations

    Stay on top of outstanding invitations by sending polite messages to remind providers to reply — and let them know it’s OK for them to decline, so you get an answer either way.

  • 9

    Monitor progress

    Once the provider has accepted your invitation, send onboarding reminders and negotiate any sticking points, if necessary.

  • 10

    Always have a back-up

    When onboarding is complete, promptly add all providers who’ve accepted to your network. If multiple accept, or you’re not sure you’ll use them, it’s still a great idea to have options ready to go when you need them!