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New provider scores make it easy to save up to 30%

Only ServiceChannel gives you the ability to objectively evaluate provider performance across key attributes of service — now featuring Price, Engagement, and overall Search Score.

  • New!  Search Score

    Identify the top-ranked provider for your specific search criteria by considering Price, Engagement, Quality, and Speed.

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    New!  Price Score

    See how cost-effective the provider is relative to their peers doing the same work in the same market (based on total invoice amounts).

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    New!  Engagement Score

    Find out if they accept invitations promptly, use the mobile app, add resolution codes, submit line-item invoices, and complete compliance requirements.

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    Quality Score

    See if they consistently accept work orders, check in for every job, and maintain a high first-time completion rate with very few recalls.

  • Speed Score

    Find out how fast they dispatch and arrive on time within SLAs, submit proposals, complete jobs, and send invoices.

See Scores in Search

Improve service and lower overall costs

In today’s environment of heightened budget scrutiny, increasing competition, and growing customer expectations for in-store experiences, it’s more important than ever to work with the most competent, cost-effective service providers. Only ServiceChannel Provider Search can help you do that.

  • A more effective way to evaluate: See top-ranked providers for your search and drill down into the KPIs that inform each score for a deeper assessment of their track record.
  • Local market pricing: The Price Score lets you filter your search based on metropolitan areas, giving you the ability to find the most cost-effective providers for your specific needs. Simply enter the trade and your location to get started.
  • Empowering better performance: Our new Provider homepage allows service providers to see their scores, along with a summary of all their work orders, so they can quickly identify where action is needed to keep jobs running smoothly.

Find Top-Performing Providers

Real-world, historical data at your fingertips

Provider performance scores, based on data from 20 million work orders every year, are the best way to spot opportunities to improve your service levels and upgrade to the best providers available for all your locations.


Hover over the provider’s overall Search Score (varies by search) to see their individual scores, which now include Price and Engagement Scores.

After clicking on a provider profile, you can click on a specific score to see the KPIs and trends related to the score. For the Price score, simply select the specific metro area of interest.

Providers can now also see their scores, along with all the information they need about current work orders to fix issues quickly and continually improve.

Explore Provider Scores

Help providers do their best work

Get the best possible service from your providers by following these simple best practices.

  • Approve proposals quickly. Providers rely on fast approval or rejection of proposals to stay on schedule and complete your job quickly.
  • Use the Issues List and work order notes to scope and describe the job accurately. Include all the information to prepare and complete the job quickly, including the proper trade assignment. If you have multiple units of the same asset, include the asset tag and location.
  • Use the ServiceChannel Platform to communicate with your providers. Approve a not-to-exceed (NTE) increase or scheduling change in the Platform, for example, and add all updates to work order notes — even if you spoke on the phone — to save time, centralize the latest information, and resolve your issues quickly.
  • Re-evaluate how you define emergencies. One retailer with 800 locations lowered the work order priority from emergency to next business day for 25% of their elevator repairs, which helped get work orders accepted and saved $126 per invoice.
  • Set reasonable not-to-exceed (NTE) amounts. Setting realistic cost limits that allow providers to dispatch and spend at least an hour on site reduces decline rates and improves first-time completion rates — which makes your services more cost-effective in the long run.

Onboard New Providers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of working with providers with good performance scores?

Provider scores are the best way to spot opportunities to streamline your operations, get better outcomes for your customer and employee experience, and boost your profitability. Good scores reflect great service by the provider and give you the industry’s best way to identify and retain the right new providers to optimize your network.

How can performance scores help me expand and optimize my network?

Objective performance scores improve your ability to find and retain the proven best providers through ServiceChannel Provider Search. They inform the work of our ServiceChannel Scout team when you’re looking for hands-on help from sourcing experts to find the best providers and optimize your network. And they help your current providers do their best work and continuously improve over time.

How is ServiceChannel qualified to score provider performance? What makes these scores objective and reliable?

ServiceChannel can measure provider performance with objective scores based on the unprecedented amount of data collected through the ServiceChannel Platform on millions of work orders from thousands of customer facilities. Based on this data, ServiceChannel Provider Search and Scout offer the only truly objective source of information available to identify, hire, and retain the best providers across trades for your locations.

What is considered a good score?

Use the following general guidelines as an indicator of a high performing provider, but keep in mind these guidelines can shift up or down by region or market, depending on the available supply of providers:

  • Overall: 65 and higher is an excellent provider on the platform
  • Speed: 67 and higher is indicative of an efficient, well-prepared provider
  • Quality: 71 and higher is a high-quality contractor
  • Price: 66 and higher signals a cost-effective provider for that trade and market
  • Engagement: 57 and higher indicates a provider that is highly engaged with the platform

Is one score more important than the others?

The overall Search Score you see is determined by a weighted average of the provider’s four individual scores for your particular search, with the highest emphasis on speed and price. The importance of each score for your business depends on your needs and the challenges you’re trying to solve within your existing network, such as slow repair speed.

Where can I see provider performance scores?

You can see a provider’s individual scores and overall Search Score in the results when you use ServiceChannel Provider Search. You can also click from the search results page to see the scores on the provider profile along with the specific KPIs that contribute to each score.

Can providers see their scores in a way that helps them improve?

Providers can now see all their scores from their new provider homepage, so they can see areas to improve and track their progress over time.

Can I use Provider Search to see performance scores of providers already in my network?

Yes, you can search for existing providers to see their scores as long as the provider has had enough work orders to calculate a meaningful score.

How can I see a provider’s Price score for a trade in a specific geographic area?

When you search by trade or for a specific provider, just click on the Price Score in your search results and choose a region from the Area drop-down menu on the provider’s profile page.

What if I don’t see the Area menu on the provider’s profile when I click on the Price Score?

If you don’t see the Area drop down from the profile page, it means that the provider doesn’t have enough work orders to have a Price Score for any single area.

Why do some providers have “NA” for a score?

“NA” indicates that there is not enough data to calculate that score for your particular search.

Why are the Search Score and Price Score that I see different from what the provider sees?

When you use Provider Search, you see an overall Search Score for your specific search. The search algorithm includes work orders from the searched region and trade in calculating the Price and Search Scores. The scores that providers see on their homepage are a weighted median for all their repair work orders across all their trades and locations. So, the Price and Search Scores you see in a specific search are likely to be different than what the provider sees for their work overall.

In search results, why may I see that scores of the top-ranked provider are lower than those of providers ranking below them?

Provider Search rankings consider many factors beyond just scores, including industry experience, to ensure a relevant comparison of providers for your specific needs. For example, an HVAC&R provider that services mainly complex refrigeration systems in the grocery industry may have resolution times that are inherently longer than average for their trade. When you are searching for the best, most cost-effective provider available in the grocery industry, then you may see this provider with a lower speed score ranking higher for your particular search.

How are the scores for Speed, Quality, Price, and Engagement related to what I see in the Contractor Scorecard?

The current Contractor Scorecard provides high-level information about the provider’s track record on ServiceChannel including work orders completed, total amount invoiced, and a letter grade for overall performance for repairs and maintenance. It also shows many of the individual KPIs, such as on-time arrival and first-time completion rate, that contribute to performance scores.

Both the Contractor Scorecard and Provider Search profile are useful sources of objective information. A new version of the Contractor Scorecard is in development that will include performance scores.

With any given work order, many circumstances are outside of a provider’s control, such as supply chain issues with parts. That doesn’t necessarily mean the provider is not a high performer. How do scores accommodate for that?

The ServiceChannel scoring system is designed to factor in the inevitability of circumstances beyond the provider’s control in a variety of ways.

For example, we look not only at missed SLAs but also:

  • What percentage of their overall work orders have missed vs. met SLAs?
  • How severe are those misses? Being twenty minutes late is less serious than being five hours late.
  • Do they update their work orders when the ETA changes and include detailed explanations in the notes field to keep you in the loop?
  • What are their resolution times and invoice amounts for work orders with proposals vs. work orders without proposals?

Also, circumstances such as supply chain issues and labor shortages affect all providers, and since scores are calculated relative to all other providers, they are inherently reflective of these common issues.

Are declined work orders factored into provider scores?

Yes, the proportion of work orders declined is one metric used to determine the Quality score, because being available for their customer needs is an important part of being a high-quality provider. A provider can’t, for example, decline without penalty every work order classified as an emergency or accept only work orders of a certain scope. But we also remind providers that any negative impact of declining a single work order is far outweighed by the positive impact of consistently providing fast, high-quality service for all work orders they accept. So, we advise them to decline work orders quickly when they know they can’t deliver good service in a reasonable timeframe, so you can find an alternative provider that’s available instead.