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ServiceChannel Introduces New Price Score for Sourcing Contractors in Provider Search Tool

Objective performance data allows businesses to procure the best and most cost-effective facilities service providers in every market based on historical track records.

Pleasanton, Calif. — February 28, 2023 — ServiceChannel, the leading platform for the procurement and delivery of facilities services, today introduced the industry’s first search engine for finding the best providers based on actual service costs.

The new Price and Engagement Scores, combined with existing Quality and Speed Scores, give business operators an objective, comprehensive view of vendor cost and performance to help them find the top contractors for their facilities maintenance needs.

“In today’s environment of heightened budget scrutiny and rising customer expectations for in-store experiences, it is essential for businesses to work with the most competent and cost-effective service providers to stay ahead of their competition,” said Noam Reininger, ServiceChannel President. “Our unique price and performance scores empower our customers with unbiased, real-world data to help them make more informed facilities maintenance and vendor procurement decisions.”

ServiceChannel is used by many of the world’s largest retail, restaurant, grocery store, healthcare, and convenience store chains to source and manage the repair and maintenance services that account for over 70% of their facilities expenses. With the provider scores built into the Provider Search tool, ServiceChannel customers can save up to 30% on repair costs and reduce downtime by upgrading to top-performing providers in plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and other key facilities maintenance trades. 

“ServiceChannel Provider Search is the only tool in existence that measures the actual performance of service providers based on their historical track records, instead of anecdotal or subjective reviews,” said Edurne Jorda-Sierra, CMO and Head of Marketplaces. “Our platform processes 28 million work orders every year from more than 70,000 vendors across hundreds of trades, and it applies a proprietary algorithm to calculate scores for the crucial aspects of service that impact a company’s brand image and bottom line.” 

The Provider Search tool now scores provider performance in five key areas of service: 

  1. Price Score (NEW) — Shows how cost-effective the provider is relative to their peers who are doing the same work in the same region, based on actual invoice amounts. 
  1. Engagement Score (NEW) — Measures how effectively the provider uses the power of the ServiceChannel Platform to deliver excellent service to their clients. 
  1. Quality Score — Shows how consistently the provider completes work on the first trip and avoids recalls for incomplete work. 
  1. Speed Score — Measures how fast the provider gets work done to maintain brand standards, from dispatch to work order completion and invoicing. 
  1. Search Score (NEW) — Ranks the top providers overall for a specific search, based on the combination of Price, Engagement, Quality, and Speed Scores. 

The performance scores are specific to the trade and geography of the user’s search, which enables a true apples-to-apples comparison of available service providers in the market. By using objective supplier performance data for procurement, businesses can upgrade to the best providers available for each of their retail locations, improve service levels, cut costs, and reduce brand downtime. 

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