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Statement of Work


Remote Kickoff / Project Management

  • Introductions and Project team review
  • ServiceChannel Implementation Methodology
  • Review Customer’s success criteria for the program
  • Explanation of Required data in specific format
  • In Scope review
  • Timeline Expectation
  • Weekly Status meetings
  • Optional but recommended, initial onboarding documents completed prior to project kickoff

Design Sessions

  • Remote & Onsite (up to 2 onsite visits as requested) review of customer current business processes in relation to work order management and Planned Maintenance
    • SC w will make recommendations on design of how system will function based on best practices and document these in the Project Configuration Document delivered at the close of the project.
  • Twelve Product Immersion Sessions – Two Compliance Manager & Ten Service Automation
  • Initial issue List construction based on ServiceChannel Best Practice
    • Deep dive into Issue list with customer
  • Integration workflow review – if applicable – Integrations to be named
  • Review of historic data
    • Includes design session to enable client to submit data in ServiceChannel template

Configuration – Compliance Manager (Private Network)

  • Set up Client’s Private Network
  • Provide transition letter template for Client to provide to Contractors
  • Training/Assistance in setting up initial requirements provided by Clients
  • Training/Assistance in inviting initial group of contractors using bulk import tool

Configuration – Service Automation

Configuration based on ServiceChannel Best Practices, client data collection

  • URL configured with client’s name
  • Custom website branding – white labeling
    • Login Page
    • Dashboard (Location Portal)
  • Two Dashboards (Location Portal)
  • Dashboard configuration – based on business workflow review
  • Standard Issue List load
    • Issue List configuration assistance
      • Issues, Overrides, Areas, and Interactive Troubleshooting
  • Location Import
  • Location Note Import
  • GL Code Import
  • Standard Location Notes
  • Standard Trades/NTE
  • Standard Categories
  • Standard Statuses
  • Standard Priority/ETA
  • Standard User Role
  • Import Users
  • Standard Alerts
  • Contractor GPS enablement
  • Standard Budget Override Configuration
  • Configuration assistance of any non-standard Priorities, Categories, Trades, Status, User Roles, Location Note

Advanced Configuration – Service Automation (If necessary, based on business review sessions)

  • Multi-Level Invoice Approval processes (MLI)
  • Multi-Level Proposal Approval processes (MLP)
  • Auto Invoice Approval processes
  • Asset importing guidance and configuration assistance
  • Planned Maintenance guidance and configuration assistance
  • Data feed processes utilizing ServiceChannel standard templates (Client IT team will need to be included)
    • Location Feed
    • Location Note Feed
    • User Feed
    • Payment/Remittance Feed
  • Enable Single Sign On capabilities – IdP or SP
  • Migration of customer’s historic work order data

Remote Roll-Out Support (for up to 1 month)

  • Project Manager will be available remotely for questioning for both Compliance Manager & Service Automation

Invoice  Data Transfer (eInvoice)

Engagement between Client and ServiceChannel for eInvoice process must begin within 12 months of subscription start date to be included in Implementation Package.

In Scope:

  • Project Management
    • Regular PM check-ins to review project risks and progress updates
  • Design
    • Up to 4 design/review sessions with Client IT/AP teams
    • Create eInvoice specification to meet Client AP system requirements based upon desired invoice upload format
    • Determine eInvoice integration method (email, SFTP, API)
    • Create eInvoice file format as desired
    • Create eInvoice notification distribution as desired
    • Create eInvoice error condition report as desired
    • Create distribution method to SFTP, if selected as integration method (SC hosted or client hosted)
  • Development
    • Build eInvoice process as discussed during design
    • Build process to transfer file to SFTP, if selected as integration method (SC hosted or client hosted)
  • QA/User Acceptance Testing
  • Production Launch and Support
    • Review with Client post go live process ran successfully

Training (all remote via Microsoft Teams)

Weekly engagement between Client and ServiceChannel at the time of implementation until client go-live. The following 18 sessions are standard for all implementations. At least one additional session per contracted add-on module is also included.

  • Compliance Manager: Establish Requirements, Send Invites & (Accept/Decline) Invites, Searching for Contractors, General usability
  • Dashboard Issue List / Configuration Walkthrough (1 session): After your implementation manager loads the Issue List, client reviews with trainers to ensure workflow is understandable to location users while they enter work orders
  • Work Order Management (2 sessions): Learn how to create, search, and manage work orders, as well as review work order reports
  • RFPs and Proposals (1 session): Learn how to manage RFPs and proposals with providers
  • Invoices (1 session): Learn how to review and manage incoming invoices from providers
  • Planned Maintenance (2 sessions): Learn how to create and manage planned maintenance work orders and map them to locations and providers
  • Locations and Provider Assignments (1 session): Learn how to manage locations, open and close locations, and add/remove providers from locations
  • Assets (2 sessions): Learn how to create and manage assets, warranty information, and linking assets to work orders
  • Administration (2 sessions): Learn how to manage users, permissions, security, and ServiceChannel configuration
  • Reporting and Analytics (up to 3 sessions): Learn how to access and navigate the Analytics module, recognize and interpret the top Analytics reports, save a custom view and set up subscriptions to reports.
  • Post-Training and Follow-Up: (1 session): Opportunity to engage with follow-up questions from your FM or field teams after seeing the system run live.
  • Rollout Training for Corporate Users (up to 3 sessions)
  • Rollout Training for Store Users (up to 3 sessions): Training location users on how to enter work orders, search work order history, add notes and provide feedback.


Additional Modules/Integrations

Any configuration or training associated with modules not subscribed to including, but not limited to:

  • Field Tech Manager
  • Projects
  • Inventory
  • Refrigerant Tracking
  • Asset Tagging
  • Site Planning
  • Asset Inventory
  • Supply Manager
  • Custom Analytics
    • Custom Report building assistance
  • Integration with a contractor’s system
  • Any other custom integration with another system

Service Automation Advanced Configuration

  • Data Warehouse (Data Direct)

Contractor On-Boarding

  • Follow Up with contractors to assist with registration and profile completion
  • Setup contractor relationships to trades and locations for work order.

Client Responsibility

Provide Completed ServiceChannel Data Collection Templates

  • Locations
  • Location Notes
  • Users Data
  • GL Codes
  • Asset Data
  • Preventative Maintenance Data and Schedules
  • Historic Work Order Data in ServiceChannel Template

 Contractor On-Boarding

  • Complete provide template including provider name, email address, vendor id and tax id
  • Invite, review and accept contractors into Private Network
  • Complete transition letter template and distribute to contractor network
  • Follow Up with contractors needing assistance
  • Contact contractors to complete their profile
  • Setup contractor relationships to trades and locations for work order dispatch

Invoice Management (eInvoice)

  • Internally define business requirements using the standard SC eInvoice file with assistance of AP/IT contacts
  • Complete testing with ServiceChannel team
  • Provide sign off for successful test file prior to deployment to Production Environment

Manage System Changes Post Go Live

  • Through provided training sessions client will be able to manage system
  • Client will have access to ServiceChannel University & Client Support (
All Training Sessions Performed
Baseline Configuration of Service Automation Platform
Standard Issue List Configuration
Delivery of custom eInvoice File
Enable SSO (IdP or SP) – If required
Initial configuration document – to be signed off on by customer
Initial configuration document