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Find Top Performing Grocery Store Maintenance Providers and Get Better Work Done

From plumbers and HVAC specialists to electricians and carpenters, grocery store maintenance requirements are wide and varied. If you’re looking for a specific service provider to service your grocery locations or wanting to develop a high-performing network of providers for your grocery locations, we offer you insight-driven recommendations from our proprietary database. Through advanced scoring metrics that assess performance data, ServiceChannel’s Service Provider Marketplace identifies providers with the best quality of work, actual invoice cost, speed, and more. This revolutionary platform makes sourcing easier and more effective than ever.

Traditionally, finding the best grocery store maintenance service providers could be tricky. Either you source providers on your own, relying on providers themselves to assure you of their quality and cost-effectiveness. Or, you partnered with a broker— who might have their own motivations to find the absolute lowest prices at the expense of quality or service.

But now, ServiceChannel’s Service Provider Marketplace provides recommendations based on your unique needs, leading you to the top performing grocery maintenance service providers based on actual performance data.This increases the efficiency and uptime of your business, so that you can focus on the customer experience.

Benefits in Using the Service Provider Marketplace to Source Top Providers

The benefits of using the ServiceChannel Platform to choose your next grocery store maintenance contractor are many and varied. Here are just a few of the top benefits that our customers love.

Assess and Compare Vendors

The ServiceChannel Marketplace gives you the power to compare data across multiple grocery store maintenance contractors, offering a data-driven look at the cost, quality, certifications, and other metrics across dozens of providers. You can choose the one that’s right for you, and more easily replace providers that aren’t meeting your needs.

Get Custom Recommendations Based on Your Priorities

With ServiceChannel Managed, we’ll review all the metrics to source and monitor the highest performing network available for each trade and location. Then, you get paired with the best providers that meet your business requirements for your retail chain including cost, on-time arrival, time to resolution, and other requirements. Whatever your preferences, we’ll make recommendations based on what you need most. When you are a customer of our ServiceChannel Managed solution, we take on the responsibility of finding the best providers for you through the Marketplace. We do the hard work, and all performance data and results remain fully transparent to you.

Monitor Changing Metrics

After the initial onboarding process after choosing a vendor from our network, we’ll also help you manage ongoing data to watch for declining performance, provide performance-based coaching to improve KPIs, and make changes to ensure your provider network is always perfectly suited to your evolving needs.

Manage Providers from a Single Platform

Optimize your entire network of vendors through ServiceChannel, including both internal and external service providers. Our streamlined and unified platform is the best way to stay on top of the full range of facility management and grocery store maintenance management needs.

Find the Right Service Provider for Your Grocery Store

The ServiceChannel Marketplace is different from any other means of finding grocery maintenance contractors. We don’t operate like a brokerage, which are motivated to hire the cheapest labor in order to save money. We’re not a referral network.

Instead, we use unbiased data that assesses a range of factors that matter most to businesses. Our recommendations are based solely on a scorecard derived from the results of that data analysis— not whoever provides us the best cost savings. That way, you know you’re getting the best. 

Ready to learn more? Find your perfect providers today.

3 Ways to Shop for Grocery Store Maintenance Providers on ServiceChannel

Provider Network Upgrade with Scout

Provider Network Upgrade with Scout is your most powerful tool for assessing your current network of grocery store maintenance providers. See how much downtime and cost you could save with a free provider assessment to benchmark your existing network against the top performers from our Marketplace.

Provider Search

ServiceChannel Provider Search is the easiest and most effective way to find the top-performing grocery store maintenance service providers in our network. All data on cost cost, quality, speed, and business qualifications is fully verified, so you can be confident that you’re working with dependable providers. You’ll spend less time searching — and more time building relationships with the best providers.

ServiceChannel Managed

When you are a ServiceChannel Managed customer, we source the highest performing providers for you, from the Marketplace for the trades and locations you want a helping hand in managing.  That You’ll get paired with the best providers to meet the unique needs of your business, while having the time needed to focus on keeping customers satisfied.


Are you aware of what kind of improved outcomes you can see by upgrading providers?

Here’s one example of our data in action, where we measure the difference between the top and bottom quartile of refrigeration providers:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Grocery Store Service Provider?

Any business or individual that serves on a contractor basis to provide maintenance services to grocery store chains and companies. This can include plumbing, HVAC, electrician, or other services.

How Does ServiceChannel Choose Their Grocery Store Service Providers?

We use an unbiased form of reporting that collects data on multiple service provider metrics, creating a scorecard based on quality, cost, efficiency, certifications, and other factors.

Why Should I Use a ServiceChannel Recommended Provider?

ServiceChannel recommended grocery store maintenance providers are the safest bet when looking for the perfect combination of affordable cost and unbeatable quality.

How Do I Know Which Grocery Store Service Provider is Right for My Business?

Based on ServiceChannel’s scorecards, you can identify and contract with the providers that score highest according to the criteria that addresses the KPIs of your facilities management program, and the unique needs of your grocery brand.