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Stop guessing which service provider will best serve your restaurants at a low cost.

Speed, quality, and cost are how the service providers caring for each of your locations should be evaluated.  But who has that data? ServiceChannel has that data. The single biggest determinant of repair cost is how long it takes to complete the repair. ServiceChannel platform data shows that often the lowest hourly rate equals the biggest invoice. We invite you to talk to ServiceChannel about how using performance and job cost data to select service providers leads to a lower-cost facilities program while improving repair outcomes.

Dine In Restaurant Refrigeration Provider Cost Analysis

MetroProviderMedian InvoiceLabor Rate
Houston, TXProvider A$428$78
Provider B$457$103
Provider C$554$89
Provider D$319$80
Atlanta, GAProvider A$459$90
Provider B$325$87
Provider C$467$86
Provider D$246$88
Average $374$88

Selecting your service providers based on their median invoice and other performance data can lead to big savings. For example in the sample of real data we pulled in Houston, if a dine-in restaurant chain hired Provider D instead of Provider A there would be $109,000 in savings over 1000 work orders. Similarly in Atlanta, if they hired Provider D instead of Provider C there would be $221,000 in savings over 1000 work orders.

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The ServiceChannel Facilities Spend Index™ is based on over $27 billion dollars in services delivered to 450,000 locations on the ServiceChannel platform since 2018.

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