Rhodes Report – September Edition

Rhodes Report – September Edition

Welcome to the latest edition of the Rhodes Report! My goal, as always, is to help you maximize the value of ServiceChannel within your organization through new features, best practices and innovative ideas. Our bottom line is to help you – and help your bottom line!

Last time, I discussed our Contractor Scorecard. As you may recall, this ProView report provides a quick, easy and reliable way to measure and grade all contractors in your network on their performance. It also enables you to get an overall view of your contractor cost and performance data.

Continuing the trend of benefiting from the data within the ServiceChannel platform, I’d like to spend a few moments to introduce you to a new tool for you to identify – and importantly, share with management.

Easily found within ProView, the Savings Report is a simple yet powerful view into your operations based on your data and metrics – combined with our facilities management experience and industry studies.

Using our business intelligence capabilities, you’ll learn the current annual savings you realize in your program, based on your own data like number of work orders and invoices processed, locations and contractors being managed as well as your total program spend. From this data, you’ll learn the savings gained in your Repair & Maintenance program along with the transaction processing efficiencies.

[sample Savings Report excerpt]

How do we do this? Based on our expertise and proven industry studies, we have developed a model that quantifies the savings you realize due to better:

  • Visibility & Analytics
  • Third Party Management Disintermediation
  • Compliance Management
  • Demand and SLA Management

and via Transaction Processing improvements like:

  • Compliance & Automation
  • Contractor Management (Risk Mitigation)
  • E-Invoicing

The Savings Report even identifies monthly savings by location along with areas of additional savings potential and their respective dollar amounts such as through early payment and reduced casualty claims.

Now, there’s a simple way for you to show management the hard dollar savings from your facilities program, and even ways to further save your company money.

Your SC Account Executive would be pleased to show you the Savings Report and address any questions about all the specific savings you’re getting. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your AE or contact me directly.