New Facilities Management Products, Collaborating w/Procurement: Rhodes Report [Jan Edition]

New Facilities Management Products, Collaborating w/Procurement: Rhodes Report [Jan Edition]
Welcome to the first 2015 edition of the Rhodes Report! Our team has been hard at work on more ways to help you add value both within the facilities group as well as across your entire organization, and we’re excited to share them with you.

Last month, I highlighted some innovative ways to increase visibility into your materials, parts and supplies spend (as with your labor spend) and to ensure consistent and comprehensive site audits with ServiceChannel. 
New Year, New Stuff

This month, we’re starting the year off with a bang. There’s already been a lot of action, primarily focused around:
  • New Products, New Improvements: ServiceChannel’s Service Automation suite is now faster, easier to use, more mobile, with even more capabilities than ever before
  • New User Interface: We’ve updated and simplified our user interfacehomepage
  • New Website: Our new, modernized website now makes it easier for you and your external contractors to find the information you need, register for training and support, and log in from your mobile devices
  • New Offices: We’ve moved to new offices in Manhattan’s Union Square and opened new offices in Columbus, Ohio, the San Francisco Bay Area, as well in London

We look forward to getting your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to reach out (or visit!).

Inside Tip: ServiceChannel Helps Facilities Management Collaborate with Procurement and Other Departments
Historically, the ServiceChannel Service Automation platform has focused primarily on the facilities management area. However, more and more clients are realizing the benefits of expanding our platform throughout their organizations. 
For example, we’re hearing Facilities Managers asking for assistance when conveying the value of the software to their Procurement colleagues. As your partners in success, we’re here to bridge the gap. (And here’s a little secret – Procurement teams love ServiceChannel!)
Not only do Procurement teams value ServiceChannel as a system to ensure external contractor compliance to contracted rates and services, Procurement teams are helping other functional areas across their companies benefit from the technology by applying Work Order Management automation to other types of service work beyond facilities maintenance.

We see Procurement as a uniquely situated internal business unit within a corporation. Typically categorized as a “Shared Service,” Procurement’s involvement is horizontal across multiple business units and departments. This means they have visibility into opportunities for service automation beyond the facilities management domain, and have a seat at the table when it comes to decision making.

Here are some ways one leading retailer is extending the value of ServiceChannel across its organization:
  • Logistics Warehouse and Distribution: Distribution centers are locations too. These facilities have many similar maintenance demands as stores do, such as Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC and Landscaping as well as their own unique needs such as servicing compactors, lift equipment and conveyors. Whether maintained by the FM or Logistics team, distribution centers can share in the benefits from automating work order management.
  • Asset Protection: Monthly alarm monitoring services can easily be supported by the Planned Maintenance moduleNot only can recurring WOs be issued but contracted rates and pricing may be maintained with ease.
  • Store Operations: There are numerous recurring store-related services that can be automated. The music you hear piped through the overhead speakers? In many cases, it’s a monthly service fee. Shopping cart repair? Operations also supports ongoing service calls for that. Managing all these service calls via a work order management system has the additional benefit of streamlining the request process for stores.
  • Customer Services: From home delivery to assembly to repair, many retailers are offering customers service as well as product. This work is often performed through contracting a third party service provider. These service requests can also be managed through our work order automation tool, bringing improved invoice management and profitability reporting to the revenue side of your business.

We welcome the opportunity to speak in depth about any of the new offerings or explore ways we can help extend ServiceChannel’s value across your organization. Your Account Executive would be happy to arrange a time to discuss these topics so please don’t hesitate to reach out to your AE, or contact me directly.