Curo Financial Technologies Uses ServiceChannel as Their Secret Weapon – NewsChannel, December

Curo Financial Technologies Uses ServiceChannel as Their Secret Weapon – NewsChannel, December

Customer Spotlight

Curo Financial Technologies Uses ServiceChannel as Their Secret Weapon

Joel Elsea, Director of Facilities at Curo Financial Technologies, possesses keen management sensibilities, has an entrepreneurial streak, and is a “40 Under 40 Award” recipient. Among Joel’s many responsibilities at Curo Financial Technologies, he is in charge of all facilities department personnel, as well as the budgeting, planning, and scheduling of all facilities maintenance. Curo Financial Technologies is the top short-term consumer lending company in the United States and Canada and operates under a number of brands, including Speedy Cash, Rapid Cash, Cash Money, LendDirect, Opt+, and WageDayAdvance. Company store standards are set high at Curo: “to offer financial and loan services in a safe, clean, and professional environment.”

Joel’s goal is to “bring a level of integrity to our performance that is respected by other departments we engage with. We’d like to be able to provide a safe environment for our team, forecast expenses, predict needs, prevent failures, and maintain our store fleet as proactively as we possibly can.” In other words, Joel prefers “no surprises.” But a lack of surprises isn’t always the case: Ask Joel to tell you about the time he had to remove snakes from the payables department!

Joel says, “Responding to emergency issues in a timely manner is absolutely critical and if we do not… well, that’s a huge problem. There are a lot of moving parts, daily, and we have to be able to determine priorities. It is really important to base our decisions on data, so making sure that we have good data is critical.” That analysis would be a problem if Curo didn’t have a system.

That’s why Joel uses, and we mean really uses, ServiceChannel technology. “ServiceChannel is comprehensive and extremely intuitive. It is flexible and accurate. It gives us a solid advantage and I will take all the advantages I can get in this business!” says Joel. “ServiceChannel impacts everything we do. It impacts the entire company and, even without them realizing it, other departments. It is the secret weapon of the facilities department. It puts our department ahead of others in areas such as forecasting, data review, and even compliance. We even use it in ways that it was not technically designed for because it is so functional. For example, we have used it to make product purchases and to store video requests for theft and other criminal activity.”

Joel believes in always prepping, planning, and reviewing if you want be in a good position. He has a weekly training call with his AE from ServiceChannel. “It is a very regimented approach to learning the platform (a little like going to the gym), but it has been so beneficial.”

Another extension of Joel’s team is his contractors. “I see our contractors as co-workers so we try to cultivate a relationship with them that reflects that. We engage with them honestly and directly. We do not waste their time and make sure they understand that we do not have time to waste, either. We ask them what they can do to help us perform better and tell them how we are evaluated; we make sure they understand that we will be using the same measures to evaluate them.”

Joel’s commitment to being his best extends to his free time. “I like to exercise. A lot. I see so many benefits to it from improving my personal health, to developing strategy and discipline, to trying to be a positive role model for my kids. But then of course there are times when just hanging with good friends, music, a cold beverage, and a sporting event isn’t too shabby either!”

Employee Spotlight

Think You’re Cut Out for Customer Service? Debra Lambdin Knows She Is!

Debra Lambdin brings lots of customer service experience to ServiceChannel. Prior to joining ServiceChannel as a client lead more than two years ago, Debra worked for several years with a well-known retailer as an assistant manager for a payday lender. “Between these two positions I encountered so many different people and situations and learned to adapt to see what needs to be done get done,” says Debra.

These days Debra serves as one of the three for Bloomin’ Brands, one of the world’s largest casual dining companies.  Debra’s job entails assisting with any issues that the CSRs may need to escalate, as well as working closely with Bloomin’ Brands and the vendors to help keep things running as smoothly.

Debra enjoys being able to help customers, “because if they are happy the system works better for everyone! It only takes one good moment to give someone’s day a boost, and that boost gets passed from person to person.”

When Debra isn’t busy making customers happy, she very happy spending time with her family. “Whether it’s my husband and me chasing our two young daughters or the whole family getting together for cookouts – if I’m not working that is where you can always find me.”  

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Managing Your Email Subscriptions on Fixxbook

Did you know you can easily manage your Fixxbook email subscriptions on Fixxbook allows you to choose someone in your profile to receive the alert. 

Step 1: Log into Fixxbook

2. Click on the sprocket at the top right of your window

3. Chose the “Company” tab, then pick “Alerts Subscriptions”.  

4. Make sure to scroll to the right to see everything.  

5. And notice no column can be left without someone receiving the alert.

Then once you’ve chosen your subscription alerts, you are all set. If you need additional assistance, feel free to contact your Client Success Manager.

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