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Employee Spotlight

Meet Pasquale Magneri

Solutions Specialist on the Implementation Services Team  

IMG_0930.jpgPasquale Magneri is fairly new to the ServiceChannel. As he puts it, ”I have been with the company for an amazing one year and eight months.” His personality lights up a room as much as his smile. Pasquale is definitely a people person and his job is to work closely with ServiceChannel’s clients during the implementation process to get them up and running using the ServiceChannel platform. As Pasquale notes, ”I learn the client’s business process and rules and ensure that the service automation reflects their wants and needs.” But Pasquale is not alone in this endeavor. “I, of course, am nothing without my team. The implementation family, Shari Johnson, Michele Burke, Michael Rivisto, Carl Bubeck and Kaitlyn Amundseni. Every single one of them supports me, and I them, as we are working together with our clients.”

One of the best tips I could suggest to my clients is to dive into the system day one to become familiar with the software, and to take as many LearningChannel courses as possible. The ultimate goal of Implementation is for the client to leave the process self-reliant. It takes anywhere from 60 to 90 days to fully implement. The Implementation process consists of sitting with the client on a weekly basis and learning their current business structure and rules. I then take what I have learned and I work closely with the client to shape ServiceChannel to their needs. In the process we meet with various groups within the organization such as IT and Accounting to ensure we are staying within their guidelines. Once the business rules have been put into effect, we test the workflow to ensure WOs and Invoices follow protocol.


Helping people is in Pasquale’s nature. He loves getting clients to a point where they can provide a full demo without his assistance. 

Paquale loves spending time with his family and manages to find time for work, family AND play. And, boy, does his play interests cover a wide territory. His enjoys exploring the mysteries of medieval history, working out at the gym, and running Spartan Races – the elite of obstacle course races that can range in distance from 3 to 12 miles with 20 to 30+ obstacles.


Interactive courses led by expert instructors on ServceChannel products. These courses are perfect for when you need a refresher, when you have a new employee onboarding, or when you want to learn best practices to get the most out of our products. Each course lists the skill level necessary (from Beginner to Advanced) and the target audience, so you can mix and match courses based on your needs.

Featured Products

Contractor Initiated Work Order (CIWO) 

CIWO.png “Winter is Coming” is not just a line from Game of Thrones
Winter weather ushers in an entire season of Facilities-related management responsibilities, including snow plowing, ice removal, and safety risk management.  With the warm months and HVAC busy season behind us, we look ahead to the challenges the cold weather brings, and talk about tools and solutions to ease this process. In this week’s blog, we will highlight a little known feature of ServiceChannel called CIWO: Contractor Initiated Work Orders.  Infact, CIWO is actually a smart phone app for contractors who work with SC clients, and was initially developed specifically to support the management of snow-event WOs. Download our product sheet.

GPS Check-in App for Contractor Partners

GPS.pngServiceChannel is pleased to announce the following updates to the GPS Check-In App for Contractor partners:

Multi-Tech Check-In – While checking in, a technician may indicate the count of additional technicians required during the repair service and this information will reflect in both the in-app work order summary and work order details.

Electronic Signature – This is an optional method for technicians to capture a digital signature from location staff upon checking out.  Contractors should first confirm with their clients regarding the approved check-out signature procedure.  

About the GPS Check-In App for Contractors:

The GPS Check-In App makes it easier for technicians to efficiently check in / out and update various work order details right from their mobile phone.  This ensures the technicians focus and time is properly spent on the repair & completion of the work order.  GPS Check-In App records a technician’s geolocation coordinates when they check in/out within a customer-defined radius of the location requesting service.  This ultimately leads to an improved and efficient user experience for Contractors and their technicians.

GPS Check-In App Features Include:

  • On-Site Photos
  • Geolocation Check-In
  • Resolution Notes
  • Real-time Updates
  • Electronic Signature – New
  • Multi-Tech Check-In – New

Download Today!

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Have you ever wondered how you can easily manage your Facilities operation across your enterprise through a single dashboard? Or how you can leverage custom analytics with customizable, actionable information? Get these questions answered and learn industry best practices by attending our upcoming User Group events in 2016. 


ServiceChannel Restaurant User Group
Wednesday, March 16, 2016 
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*Date coincides with RFMA 2016

ServiceChannel Retail User Group
Sunday, April 24, 2016
Long Beach, CA
*Date coincides with PRSM 2016

This is the perfect opportunity to network with ServiceChannel team members, meet with some of the leading retailers & restaurant companies who share the adoption of ServiceChannel, and learn about our newly available product features. Check out our Events Page!


Tip Of The Month

Trim Spaces for Microsoft Excel

Using Excel’s TRIM function to remove leading and trailing spaces may take repeated steps if you have a lot of data.

An alternative for PC users is Ablebits free Excel add-in that will remove those spaces in a button click. This feature can be especially useful when working with templates. Learn more.



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