XpresSpa Uses ServiceChannel to Find Contractors.. Even at the Airport! – NewsChannel, April 2016

XpresSpa Uses ServiceChannel to Find Contractors.. Even at the Airport! – NewsChannel, April 2016


Customer Spotlight

XpresSpa Uses ServiceChannel to Find Contractors.. Even at the Airport!

XpresSpa_Logo.jpgIf you’ve been in an airport recently, you’ve probably either been in or passed by an XpresSpa. With 50 locations in the United States and worldwide, XpresSpa has grown rapidly to service millions of travelers since its launch in 2003. XpresSpa delivers the complete spa experience: from full body massages to mani-pedis to facials, along with the company’s own branded line of luxury travel products and accessories. As National Facilities Manager, Candice Rivera is responsible for ensuring that every XpresSpa location is safe and atheistically pleasing, all while staying in budget.

Candice_Rivera_Photo.jpgBut pristine, attractive conditions are not that easy to achieve every day of the year … in an airport. Candice sites as her biggest obstacles, “Finding reliable fair-priced contractors that can work in the challenging environment of an airport and within the constraints of airport security”. She uses ServiceChannel technology to allocate and track work over 15 states with multiple locations in each state. Candice likes using ServiceChannel “because it allows me to manage multiple locations across the country. Ticketing systems such as ServiceChannel are always ideal for managing facilities with multiple locations since they keep all requests and spends in one place.”

Candice is also an active user of ServiceChannel training: “I provide all new users with the ServiceChannel training documentation and anyone who has questions will call me so we can run through mock scenarios and tickets.” Candice credits her ServiceChannel representative Diane Micoretti with being “very thorough” so that training and support are easy. And speaking of easy, Candice says, “One of the things I actually love about ServiceChannel is that it is so menu-driven that if you have any experience with a ticketing system you can jump in and not feel lost.”

Not surprisingely for someone who spends a lot of time in airports and managing airport locations, Candice says when it comes to free time she likes “to take travel adventures with my husband.” Our guess is that she may squeeze in a massage or facial along the way.

Employee Spotlight

Holy Marty McFly! Anthony Ipri Zooms into Client Services

Anthony-Ipri-220x220.jpgAnthony Ipri, an Account Executive for Client Services, is one of ServiceChannel’s most recent hires; he’s been with ServiceChannel for a few months now, since November 2015. For Anthony the tipping point for choosing ServiceChannel and his journey toward joining the company began with his friendship with Carl Bubeck, a Project Manager in Client Implementation and a huge ServiceChannel advocate. Anthony and Carl have known each other for years and Carl repeatedly encouraged Anthony to explore opportunities within the company.

Anthony spent the early part of his career in retail management in both big-box and smaller retailers.  Later, he moved onto account management because he “enjoys interacting with people as well as problem-solving, but was ready to move away from the sales floor.” Anthony’s previous experience was crucial in becoming an account executive. “I’ve been dealing with customers and solving issues since I first started working.  I enjoy doing it and couldn’t imagine doing something else,” says Anthony. “I enjoy problem-solving, building and maintaining relationships, and helping clients operate more efficiently and productively.”

When he’s not working, Anthony can be found traveling. He adds, “I also like to try new restaurants and bars around Philadelphia, going to the movies, and working on my car. And in the summer I like being at the shore.”  And here’s something you don’t hear everyday: “My favorite movie is Back to the Future and I also am very into cars, so naturally I decided to buy the same type of car used in the movie, a DeLorean DMC-12. I love unique cars and this one definitely fits the description. It’s also fun to drive.  I just brought it to NYC for an event for Back to the Future day!”

Featured Products

UPDATE! Actionable Landing Page (ALP) Launched!

ALPLaunch.jpgServiceChannel released the Service Automation Actionable Landing Page which provides a single summary page – viewable as soon as you login to your FM software platform – of exactly where things stand and exactly what you need to worry about.  This way you can spend less time figuring out what to do, and more time actually doing! Learn more.

Tip of the Month

Use Quickview Reports Along with ALP

QV_ALP.jpgThe new Actionable Landing Page (ALP) is terrific – but don’t forget about Quickview as a supplement to the ALP.

QuickView automatically displays the results of any saved work order or proposal report. This is beneficial for you to view your most critical work orders and proposals, at a glance. The reports automatically refresh every 15 minutes.

Here are two cases where you might want to use Quickview together with ALP.  

1) Adjust Timeframe: If you want to see something in a more specific timeframe – like 10 days or 100 days, consider pulling your report in Quickview. ALP shows a 45 day window.

2) Unique Provider Reports: ALP reporting is not specific to a particular vendor.  ALP allows you to view open work orders across your entire platform, while with Quickview you can save a report with a distinct provider in mind.

For You, About You

US-Based Toll-Free IVR Number (800) 803-5394 To Be Retired

phone-icon-blue.pngThis is a reminder of an important change scheduled for April 11th, 2016. As of this date, the US-based toll-free IVR number will be retired. Contractors, however, will still be able to use our IVR system by calling our new direct number: (516) 500-7776. Even better, our GPS app is always available for your contractors — it is free to download, easily accessible, secure, and ensures compliance.

If you have any concerns or questions about this change, feel free to email us at clientsupport@servicechannel.com or reach out to your Account Executive. Learn more.

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Apr 24 – Retail User Group, Long Beach, CA

Apr 25-27 – PRSM National Conference, Long Beach, CA

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Available Courses

Apr 5 – Dashboard 101: How to Use the Service Request Dashboard
Apr 7 – A Day in the Life of a Facility Manager: WO Creation & Mgmt
Apr 12 – The Power of Analytics
Apr 12 – RFPs, Proposals, and QuickView
Apr 13 – Fixxbook for Contractors: Best Practices in Profile and Account Management
Apr 14 – Service Automation Reports and QuickView
Apr 14 – Invoicing and Invoice Reports
Apr 21 – PM (Preventive Maintenance) Module: An Overview