Launching This Month – ServiceChannel University (SCU) – NewsChannel, November 2015

Launching This Month – ServiceChannel University (SCU) – NewsChannel, November 2015



Customer Spotlight

ServiceChannel Cares

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, ServiceChannel reflects on our partnerships with clients who bring real value to their communities and consistently make an effort to make the world a better place. We proudly support our customers, contractors, and industry associations who promote social responsibility.

CVS Health Charity Classic – CVS PharmacyServiceChannelCare-1.pngThis summer we were fortunate to sponsor a few of our customer’s events that resulted in significant fundraising wins for their charities.

New this year, the CVS Health Charity Classic Charity Miles campaign, sponsored by Aon Hewitt, encouraged fans to download the Charity Miles app and earn money for their designated charity while walking, running, and biking.  Fans logged more than 100,000 miles, which translated to $25,000.

Oscar & Evelyn Overton Charitable Foundation Golf Tournament – The Cheesecake Factory

This foundation exists to enhance the well-being of surrounding communities.  This nonprofit organization was created not only as a means to raise funds for worthy causes, but also as a way to unite caring and conscientious staff members in charitable causes.

A New Year of Continued Sponsorship

ServiceChannel has committed our support to RFMA Gives 2016. The restaurant industry organization will facilitate The Journey Home (TJH) event in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. TJH is a faith-based nonprofit organization that serves the homeless, low-income, and marginalized citizens of Rutherford County. It uses practical day-to-day resources to build relationships with people and help them understand their value and enable them to become productive members of their community.

Below is a list of other great organizations that ServiceChannel proudly supports:


Would you like ServiceChannel to sponsor one of your events? Keep us informed!

Employee Spotlight

Meet Dan Campbell, Mobile Interface Guru

me-pic.pngDan Campbell is a UX Designer, which stands for User Experience Designer. He focuses on ways to better design ServiceChannel’s mobile solution products and create a more optimal user interface. If Dan does his job well, users won’t think about the process behind the development and be left wondering, “What was the designer thinking?” As Dan says, “If you never really think about it, it means that stuff works the way that you’d expect, and it’s easy. Bad design tends to stand out more. So I hope you don’t find yourself ever thinking about me.”

That Mysterious Thing

To Dan, good design is a mysterious thing there’s not always a clear answer to whether he’s picked just the right red or should have added more white space. Preferences vary and sensibilities continually evolve. “And yet”, says Dan, “Somehow within this flux good design emerges, and strangely, we tend to agree more than disagree when we encounter it. To me that’s an amazing and mysterious thing; good design is out there somewhere, waiting to be discovered. And even stranger, there’s recognition and appreciation when we find it, even though we may not fully understand it. I feel fortunate to spend my days looking for it.”

Inspiration and Great Ideas

Dan is a man of many, many talents from technology to art, from surfing to film. In his off hours he walks around Manhattan. “New York amazes me and I will never be tired of it — I still look up like a tourist.” On weekends, Dan can be found working on his country house that is a continual work in progress. He reads books but confesses to skipping to the interesting sounding chapters. And then, of course, there’s his dog with “a bad attitude.” It should come as no surprise that Dan also produced an award-winning documentary that was sold to HBO. He adds, “I have to admit I’m fond of my TV these days.”


These interactive courses are by expert instructors on ServceChannel products and are perfect for when you need a refresher, when you have a new employee onboarding, or when you want to learn best practices to get the most out of our products. Each course lists the skill level necessary (from Beginner to Advanced) and the target audience, so you can mix and match courses based on your needs.

Available Courses
Nov. 4, 18 – Dashboard 101: How to Use the Service Request Dashboard
Nov. 10, 24 – Service Automation Reports and QuickView
Nov. 11 – A Day in the Life of a Facility Manager: WO Creation & Mgmt
Nov. 12 – PMs (Preventive Maintenance) Module: An Overview
Nov. 5, 19 – RFPs, Proposals, and QuickView
Nov. 3, 17 – Invoicing and Invoice Reports
Nov. 10 – Power of Analytics

Featured Products

Service Automation: Localization with Human Translations!

Screen_Shot_2015-10-29_at_12.04.03_PM.pngThe little toggle on the bottom left of the screen allows you to instantly switch between different languages. On the back end, we have a glossary that absorbs all labels, headers, button text into a database that is submitted for human translations. Once received, they are inserted back into our site.  Previously we used Google which is a machine translation and makes no sense when it tries to translate idiomatic phrases.This is live on the provider side, but we are still working on the subscriber side of Service Automation. 


ServiceChannel University

ServiceChannel UniversityWe are excited to introduce our new and improved online support system — ServiceChannel University (SCU)!  You can now get your questions answered even faster either through the SCU knowledge base or by working directly with our customer service team. 
SCU is a support community for clients, contractors, and partners, and is a core component of ServiceChannel’s Service Automation Suite and Fixxbook. Among the many benefits of this online support system, is that it will provide users with immediate access to the most current SC product information anytime, anywhere.  It is a one-stop shop for information, updates, upcoming courses & events.

SCU will be officially live by mid-November!


Calendar: Upcoming Events

Nov 4 – ServiceChannel Learn&Lead: Columbus

Nov 5 – ServiceChannel Learn&Lead: Denver
Nov 20 – ServiceChannel Learn&Lead: Cupertino


Tip Of The Month 

If you have a lot of problem lines in your Dashboard Issue list that require photos, you should encourage your users to use the ServiceChannel Mobile Work Order App.  When you create a work order on the Mobile App you are able to take a photo or choose one from your existing photos while you are creating the work order.

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