Alpha Energy Solutions Is Prepared to Respond to Any Challenge

Alpha Energy Solutions Is Prepared to Respond to Any Challenge

Alpha Energy Solutions is one of the largest mechanical service providers for commercial and industrial HVAC and indoor energy solutions in Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, and Tennessee. That’s a lot of ground to cover for Barry Hartlage, Director of National Accounts. Barry’s role is to “achieve customer satisfaction and meet shareholder return.”

As you can imagine, that’s a lot easier said than done. When a customer’s business success is dependent on chillers, boilers, refrigeration equipment, food equipment, piping, plumbing, and electrical all working at maximum efficiency, it’s up to Barry to make sure it happens. For Barry, the greatest challenge is communication. As he says, “I’m always navigating the communication between internal and external customers.”  And then of course there’s the weather: “We’re dependent upon weather in many instances,” notes Barry. For Alpha’s share of the US map, the weather could be anything from snowstorms, hail storms, flooding rain, and tornadoes. Alpha needs to be prepared to respond to anything. Compounding these is the challenge of sourcing parts. Depending on the age, origination of the equipment and the type of part, it can be a challenge to not only find the part but get it quickly.   

Alpha Energy Solutions uses ServiceChannel for work order management, receiving work orders, and uploading proposals with customers on the ServiceChannel platform. As Barry observes, “It’s a clean, efficient platform, has a lot of credibility within the industry, and our customers like it. Our internal staff also likes the ease with which we can utilize it.” Barry believes that trust is the foundation for client relationships. He says, “It’s all about competency, proper execution, and efficiency. ServiceChannel facilitates this process and enables Alpha to meet customer expectations.

Alpha Energy Solutions field technicians go through extensive training programs that help develop their technical skills, while their office personnel engage in development classes and other types of training specific to their functions. At times, that internal staff training includes ServiceChannel’s contractor training.  

When work is over, Barry likes to stay close to home. He enjoys riding bicycles with his daughter and helping coach her volleyball team.