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2022 Update on ServiceChannel Mobile App Support

Support Discontinued August 31 for Older iOS and Android Versions

Starting August 31, we will no longer support the ServiceChannel mobile apps for Apple devices using iOS versions 13 or older or devices using Android OS versions 7.1.2 or lower. The apps will continue to work for those devices running older operating systems, but you will not be able to update them with bug fixes, security updates, or new versions with important new features.

TAKE ACTION: If you or any of your staff use an Apple device using iOS 13.0 or lower, or an Android device with OS version 7.1.2 or lower, make sure these devices are updated as soon as possible with the latest operating system supported by the device – to iOS version 14 or higher, or Android version 8 or higher.

Note that Apple devices prior to the iPhone 6S (iPhones more than 7 years old) and some Android devices cannot be updated with the required OS versions. To receive ongoing ServiceChannel mobile updates, including bug fixes, security updates and other enhancements, these older devices need to be replaced with newer models.

By supporting fewer mobile OS versions, ServiceChannel can develop new features and squash bugs more quickly and effectively, providing you with a better overall user experience.

Helpful links if you’re not sure of your software version:

·        For iPhones

·        For Android devices