Provider Automation

Valuable Solutions for Contractors and Suppliers

ServiceChannel is committed to becoming the world’s leading marketplace for contractors and suppliers for facilities management, repair & maintenance, and energy transaction management. Our solutions cover payments processing, big data, risk management & compliance.

Our team is devoted to supporting your team. We continually invest in developing and refining products, features, and solutions that provide tangible and cost-effective benefits. After all, your success is our success.


“Communication is really key for us. ServiceChannel provides a way for us to communicate directly with our customers electronically in real time and update status with them. In the past we would have to rely on phone.”

Reuben Parker, Corporate Account Manager, Roto-Rooter


Operating in 63 countries

Marketplace of 500 leading clients

Across 300K locations

Providers in Directory

How ServiceChannel Helps You?

New Service Opportunities

ServiceChannel’s Fixxbook directory brings together clients with facility needs and commercial contractors and suppliers. Our easy-to-implement profiles let you promote crucial information about your services, trade expertise, and geographic area.

Maintain Compliance

Contractors and suppliers can manage services, compliance, and preferences for all customers.

Service Automation

Gain access to critical work order details, which are immediately refreshed to reflect any changes.  Invoices can be submitted through three automated methods: electronic invoice portal, bulkload invoice, or integrated invoice. We make it all quick and easy for you.


Information is power. Contractors and Suppliers can download work order & invoice reports and sort/filter by date or service type to access pertinent data.

Performance Management

Monitor and measure key performance indicators (KPIs) by individual customers or grouped by criteria. ServiceChannel helps you focus on service performance at the touch of a button.

Mobile Solutions

ServiceChannel offers service providers several mobile solutions which help technicians manage on-site services while reducing time-to-resolution.  Available for both iOS and Android, our mobile solutions are geared toward service providers who perform scheduled and reactive service requests and help you more efficiently manage their respective services on our platform.

Support Services and Training

ServiceCare Support:  Facilities management doesn’t take a holiday and neither do our support services. Our call center and online support are available 24/7/365. We can help with follow-up support on work orders with response in eight hours or less.

ServiceChannel University and Training: Contractors and suppliers can access our deep knowledge base for insights on ServiceChannel products and features. We also offer daily online training. Just register, click in and let the learning begin.


Technology is at the heart of what we do. Our web service integration (XML / cXML) lowers cost and helps makes doing business easier.