Spend Optimization

Follow the money with complete control over every spend, for every location.

Know exactly what’s driving costs up to bring them down.

The ServiceChannel Platform gives you detailed real-time visibility into all the costs across your business. Drill down deep into specifics like location, sub-brand, provider, and more, so you can see which way costs are trending before they spiral out of control. You’ll gain the extra agility to immediately make smarter choices about spend, or change processes to control rising costs. Then look back at historical details to easily make more informed  budget plans going forward. 

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Because of the visibility that ServiceChannel’s Analytics brought, we uncovered an issue that allowed us to cut 25% on HVAC spend.
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Stop overpaying for underperforming providers.

With the richest data on provider performance in the industry, we can assess your network to identify precisely which providers are the best, and which aren’t. Then we’ll recommend replacements for low performers by sourcing the best providers based on our deep data. We make it easy to upgrade your entire network for faster completion times, lower costs, or both. Our platform also gives you detailed visibility to easily manage your providers and work directly with self-performers to avoid costly broker overhead. 

Get more life out of your assets, and your warranties.

Multi-location businesses can have thousands of asset warranties or leases. Get all that information at your fingertips by tracking every install date and warranty period for every one of your assets. You’ll know the moment they need repair —  work orders will automatically be routed to warranty providers so you’ll never pay for work that should be free. You can even track which brands and types of assets are causing more problems to make smarter purchasing decisions for the future.

Plug up every hole causing billing leakage.

It was virtually impossible to validate every single invoice — until now. ServiceChannel does it for you, automatically, so you’ll never pay more than you should. Our platform makes it easy to set detailed Not-to-Exceed (NTE) amounts so  work for high-cost jobs can’t even start without your review and approval. 

With our mobile check-in-check-out feature, you can also track exactly how much time providers spend on every job — an invoice can’t be submitted until work is marked as completed. When it’s presented for payment approval, our platform automatically validates that the invoice is for the pre-negotiated rate and for the time actually spent on the job. Just like that, you become the Finance department’s new hero.

Looking to free up time, save on your budget, make better decisions and bring efficiencies to your business? I highly recommend ServiceChannel for all those reasons.


Unlocking Cost Savings with Asset Data