Get deep expertise and guidance to go-live on ServiceChannel in record time.

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Match your people and processes painlessly.

Implementing a new technology goes beyond just flipping a switch. With more than 400 successful implementations, our experts have a deep understanding of the ins and outs of seamlessly integrating our technology with your organization — and making your go-live a success on every level. First, we’ll work with stakeholders across your organization to bring them into the process at the right time. Then we’ll give you actionable steps to move forward as you expand your capabilities and grow your brand.

Implementing ServiceChannel from our previous solution was a seamless transition. What used to take a long time, takes just seconds with ServiceChannel!

Know what to expect, and when, for integrating your ERP.

Once we design and configure your system, our team works closely with you to integrate your ERP and key business applications. We walk through the process with a detailed, step-by-step plan, so you can plan on a smooth transition. As we roll out implementation, we’ll schedule training with the right people at the right time. Everyone from your front office to your farthest location will be on board and ready to go.

Tailor the rollout to your business needs.

Every business is unique — so is our approach to every implementation. Have specific goals for payment scheduling? We’ll tailor and implement workflows to help you meet them. Only want to start with work order processing? We can do a phased roll-out so you can start with one configuration, then re-evaluate and reconfigure in a year to add capabilities. We’ll even help coordinate your cross functional teams, so it’s easy to keep IT, operations, and finance all on the same page.


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