Capture, track, and validate all your records with centralized control across locations.

Reduce record-keeping risks.

Your locations are everywhere, but your records shouldn’t be. Certifications, insurance, maintenance, and regulatory compliance documents are almost impossible to track efficiently when they live in multiple places or are paper-based. 

We make it easy to centralize all your paperwork on a single platform, so you’ll keep important records from slipping through the cracks and lower your exposure to major legal, operational, or regulatory risk. We automatically collect all required paperwork from providers, check all expiration dates, and track repair and maintenance histories. If you ever need audit-ready validation, you’ll always have exactly the proof you need.



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"ServiceChannel provides a superior level of automation and keeps everything in one place. Ensuring that all contractors on-site have up-to date insurance lowers our risk as a whole."
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Comply with environmental regulations, automatically.

Make staying compliant practically effortless with ServiceChannel Refrigerant Tracking Manager. On every refrigerant service call, our platform automatically captures technician certification and records leak histories based on specified thresholds. You’ll reduce even more risk by automatically scheduling maintenance and follow-up verifications required by EPA 608 (and all other regulations). It’s an easy way to help build a stronger green brand and avoid hefty fines.

Protect day-to-day operations with up-to-date certifications.

Reduce the financial risk to your locations by automatically checking to ensure that any provider for every work order has valid certifications and insurance. It’s easy to set it up through centralized workflows. Or, enable automatic dispatch for work orders created on-site. If a provider doesn’t have the proper paperwork, the platform will automatically dispatch a backup provider that is in compliance. Your location will always be protected, so you’ll automatically have one less thing to worry about.