Work Order Management

Make work order management actually manageable.

Locations, assets, trades, providers, and on-site staff can add up to thousands (even millions) of moving parts that you need to manage, even when you’re hundreds of miles away. With condition-based rules for workflows, clearly defined checkpoints to confirm compliance and spend, and visibility for everyone on your team, you’re in complete control.

Benefits for Your Business

Resolve Issues Faster.

Your work orders, your rules. Define exactly how you want them to proceed automatically based on location, concept, trade, or warranty status. Or even set up troubleshooting steps to deflect work orders and route approvals to the right people.

Less spend. Less risk. More accountability.

Checkpoints automatically block the start of expensive work that exceeds your set Not-to-Exceed (NTE) if there isn’t a proposal. They can also stop invoices on work that’s not completed, and even validate invoices for the right rates and hours.

Keep Everyone on the Same Page.

Your facilities team can see everything from the big picture to the smallest detail, so nothing slips through the cracks. Location staff see exactly when to expect providers to get there, and providers see issue and asset details to get it done, fast.

Be Productive Everywhere.

With ServiceChannel Mobile Apps, everybody can work from anywhere. Facilities teams, location staff, and providers can do everything from submitting work orders to confirming completion. On-site or on-the-road, it’s easy to keep everything humming.

ServiceChannel Mobile - Deep Dive

ServiceChannel Mobile - Deep Dive

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